Dell E6430s 14" Intel i5 250GB SSD Laptop

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Dell E6430s 14" Intel i5 250GB SSD Laptop
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Jul 27 to Monday, Aug 01) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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While this machine has an SSD, it’s still relatively slow.
If ya go to e-bay, you can pick up an i7-3740QM quad core CPU, which has 6MB of cache or the i7-3840QM quad core, which has 8MB cache.
Either of those 2 cpus plus adding another 8 gigs of ram,… will make to puppy screamin’ fast.!!!
Upgrades should be about $300.!
You’ll end up with a $1300 laptop.!

The note says “We’re selling the E6430S, not the E6430” Yet the E6430S model is listed on the linked spec site as only having an i3 processor. While still a decent processor, and a good deal, it’s not the I5 you have in the listing. Please update the specs on the sale page to reflect that.

I noticed that too. So Woot, is it an i3 or an i5?

It’s kind of a waste to add an i7 to a laptop of this type, the cooling power of them just can’t keep up and they end up throttling down to preserve itself. Pretty much any laptop does this.

This already comes with 8GB ram, adding more isn’t going to do much for most people looking to buy a $300 laptop. If you’re some kind of power user, you also probably aren’t buying a $300 4 year old laptop either, so move along.

I have a lot of the 6x30 series laptops in my fleet at work (mostly E6330 and E6430) and they are very good workhorses. They are a mix of i5 and i7, all with cheap Crucial BX200 SSD’s in them and they fly with only 4GB ram/Win7. Being that this one listed already has an i5 with 8GB ram and a sweet Samsung EVO ssd in it, I would just leave it as is. No need to call it slow or spend any money on upgrades (except getting it in time to do the free Win10 upgrade is my only suggestion).

This “s” model is interesting in that it’s more the size of the E6330 (13" model) but with the 14" screen. If I didn’t have a few hundred E6330’s about to retire next year, I would be interested in checking out this “s” model for myself.

I have two of these, purchased from here, 11" version, same CPU. They fly with the SSD and 8GB RAM. I don’t think you can do much better for the price. They weren’t factory refurbs though so quality may be hit or miss… Ours still work fine, the oldest one is about a year old now.

RE: Processor

Confirmed that the i5 processor is correct. The link to Dell was for comparison purposes only.

no webcam? really?

Would I be able to delay shipping? I am moving to the US from Canada on august 9

No bluetooth either.

To those saying this system has a Core I3 processor: Yes some variants of this model and its based-on model the Dell Latitude E6330 (the E6430s is an E6330 w/ a 14" screen), have an I3 processor including the one in the previously mentioned review link, it was available with the Core I5 and I7 processors based on original order configuration, however besides swapping out the whole motherboard it is not possible to change the processor after purchase (like the Dell Latitude E6430 and E6530 notebooks) as it is soldered to the motherboard. With Dell the model number does not determine the processor type or speed, amount of memory, screen resolution (however the physical screen size is often in the model hence the Ex4xxs the 4 indicates 14" 3 would be 13" 5 would be 15" etc), hdd capacity, etc) only the system class, screen size, and generation so the E6430s would be the Latitude E series class 6 (top class along with class 7) 14" screen, 4th generation (first E series generation was the Exx00 so the Exx30 would be the 4th generation however Dell skipped the Exx60 numbering so Dell Latitude Exx70’s are the 7th generation the E-series notebooks)

Unlike a lot of “ultrabook” class notebook computers this system does have a DVDRW drive which can be swapped out with either a hard drive (using optional DVD-HDD bracket adapter) or a 2nd battery.

As far as the webcam issue, many if not all, of the E6330/E6430s notebooks which did not have webcam have the LCD cable w/ the webcam wiring so all it may need is the proper webcam module and LCD bezel with webcam hole (or a drillbit to put a hole in the proper place :slight_smile: ).

No, I’m sorry. we do not have that option.

Three days and it still shows “Preparing For Shipment”. I hope it comes with Windows 10 pre-loaded. The free upgrade ends day after tomorrow. I’m OK with Win 7 and have it on all my desktops but wanted to give Windows 10 a try on this laptop deal as it won’t be a critical unit. Hopefully it’ll ship soon.

Got mine today. The copy of Windows 10 was not activated. The activation code they included does not work. Calling tech support yields voicemail. I’m getting pretty disgusted with this whole purchase.

Finally got mine working without the help of Metro Business Systems. The tech was polite but hopeless. I needed to do a Windows Reset, which took a while, but, afterwards, I was able to activate windows with the code on the sticker under the laptop. People should keep their expectations modest with this one if they ordered it. Mine has a Windows 7 sticker on it and runs like it would probably be much better off on that operating system, although Windows 10 is reasonably responsive for such an old computer. But the CPU feels under-powered for the amount of ram that’s included. I really wish I had purchased something zippier and newer on Amazon or Ebay. The cosmetic condition seems average at best. Most of the keys appear to be worn from extensive prior use, which isn’t what I expected. They are still clearly readable but there is obvious discoloration from where fingers pressed down on them over the years–they appear to be greasy, but there is no way to clean them since it’s the finish on the keys themselves that is stained. All in all I would say buying this computer was a big mistake.

I’m really sorry to hear that. If you haven’t already, please use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact Woot customer support for assistance.

Mine did come with Windows 10 Pro preloaded, but Windows 10 wouldn’t activate until I did a Windows reset. I kept getting an error message when I tried to activate the serial number under the laptop. This was a Windows 7 laptop and my old Gateway Windows 7 laptop runs much zippier than this one does, despite having half the ram, a slower processor and a standard hard drive. Dual core processors don’t seem to run Windows 10 all that well–it took me nearly 10 minutes just to change my default browser from Edge to Chrome because the laptop wouldn’t register my choice. I hope you have better luck with yours than I had with mine.

I’m sure this laptop would fly with Windows 7 but, unfortunately, it doesn’t do so under Windows 10, which is the operating system these are being shipped with.

Mine just got here about 2 hours ago. Gave it 1 hour charge before even turning it on. Went to turn it on and nothing! Plugged the charger in and it fired up and I made it through setup 100% complete. No real problems as long as the charger is plugged in. No charger? No work! Looks like either the battery or the motherboard is toast. EXACTLY the same problem on my 8 year old HP laptop. The motherboard in the HP is keeping it from allowing charge to the battery. I bought THIS laptop as a replacement for the dead HP. I hope the refurb company has decent customer service as I’ll be calling them tomorrow.