Dell E7440 14" FHD 512GB Touch Ultrabook

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Dell E7440 14" FHD 512GB Touch Ultrabook
Price: $499.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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All the reviews are from over a year ago and a lot say the refurbishment left a lot to be desired.

Is there anyway to know if the refurbishment has improved in the last year?

I bought a “refurb’ed” (by Metro) Lenovo laptop from WOOT. The screen had MANY LARGE areas of hot pixels (always on - not one pixel but a bunch) and uneven areas. The case shell around the keyboard was replaced with a NON-Lenovo plastic part that always squeaked and flexed - and ultimately, the corner cracked off. I opened it up to add RAM and larger SSD, and there was much dirt/dust inside. Keyboard was well worn.

So, I’m not sure what their refurb process is, but I’ll never again buy a refurb from Metro.

I’ve purchased four Dell refurb laptops so far, three from Woot, one from Dell Outlet. All four are 74xx laptops. All of them were purchased at least months apart, the first being ~aug 2016.

Zero problems. Great displays, zero scratches or signs of wear on any of the machines. Basically, you wouldn’t be able to tell they weren’t new except for the green refurb sticker on the bottom.

Also, there’s usually one- to three-year Dell warranty on these refurbs; so if there is a problem with the screen, you’d be covered.

For what it’s worth, I do a fresh Win10 pro install every time, deleting all partitions and starting from scratch.

Hope that helps.


*edit: So all the machines I’ve purchased were warranted by Dell. As this is by Metro, it’s possible something is a bit different. Thought it was worth mentioning.

*edit2: Here’s a similar machine, a little more $$$, newer processor and warranty by Dell. I just bought the 7480, but it’s sold out. The 5480 is still a good machine, though.

Bought the E7240 refurbished last week. Few small scratches on the case, but nothing crazy. Overall fairly pleased with the condition.

Pretty close to same, except 256 GB SSD, but much cheaper, even when adding the $80.00 squaretrade warranty… not exactly the same i know, but close for a $100 savings.

That’s also lacking a full HD touchscreen