Dell & HP Desktops

Can this desktop ship with win7 OS?

I have Win 7 on the computer this will be replacing, so I think that’s my route… (Retail version… )

Sorry but it ships with the OS stated in the features and/or specs.

You can get new Win 7 computers from HP, but as stated above, that’s at full retail. Maybe Woot can snag some of these discounted ones with Win 7 OS, but probably not. Windows 7 is considered an “upgrade” from Windows 8! Pretty funny.

It says the OS is “genuine windows 8.” What version of windows 8 is that? Pro? Home?


HP is recalling six million power cords (NOT power supplies, but the 3-hole cords that plug into them) due to overheating issues.

Look on the black rubber plug for “LS-15.” Others, such as LS-16, etc. are not a problem.

HP has an online form to send you a new cord.