Dell & HP Laptops

Of note: HP just recalled 6 million of their laptop power supplies due to potential fire hazard

These are all overpriced. Cheaper elsewhere. Check Dell and their current 30 percent off special… or Best Buy open box.

My ears are open. Where can I get these cheaper? I have tried Googling these, but didn’t have much luck in finding cheaper versions of this exact laptop.

That person is exaggerating. I have done my research and you can’t get these HP laptops cheaper. Dealigg has a coupon code for the HP on-line store, but you’re still paying about 40% more on their site (brand new versus refurbished for this particular model). You could go with Dell, but in my book HP is a better value.

Have these laptops shipped yet? I don’t buy much from woot so my experience has been that items tend to ship a day or two after they are bought. Maybe the holiday weekend has delayed it?

Standard shipping is usually 3-8 business days from the sale (sometimes much sooner than that).
Due to the recent holiday, we ask that you allow a couple more days for your item(s) to ship.

It will more than likely ship out late this week or early next week.

Still waiting for someone in customer service to find me important enough to tell me where mine is. 2 e-mails and no response. Guess I really was “1st sucker”.

Hey friend, I think we found each other on Twitter & I got your PM earlier. I’ll be checking in with CS this afternoon, apologies.

I received my laptop yesterday. The whole screen was completely cracked was really dissapointed. I just wanted a functional laptop. Tried contacting support a few times. Can anyone help me out? I’d love a replacement if possible.

If you haven’t already, please email into and let them know what kind of condition you received the item in.

They should be able to help answer any questions or concerns you have with your purchase.