Dell Inspiron 15-5502 15.6" FHD Laptop

Dell Inspiron 15-5502 15.6" FHD Laptop

Let’s break this down.

Taking a look at the most relevant comparisons from Google (cpuboss, etc), there’s maybe a 15% cpu and graphics performance difference between the least and most expensive units here. The biggest difference is the 1135g7 model has a lower max power level on the cpu and marginally weaker graphics. You wouldn’t want any of these if you’re “serious” about gaming.

I’ve owned this laptop for the better part of a year; the 1165g7 model which is a half step above the 1135g7 for sale here. There’s almost no difference between the 12 and 16GB ram, but I’d ignore the 8GB model on general principle. The screen is barely passable for detail and color accuracy, and absolutely crap for brightness.

So who is this for:

This is a kickass laptop for people like me who have to have something on hand in the car at a moment’s notice when the boss or a client has to have something done right this moment. It’s perfect for web, video, word processing, etc, when you want something inexpensive but also want something better than the underpowered, disposeable crap from walmart, etc. It’s very thin (not macbook air thin, of course) and easily transportable while still having a large screen and a full backlit keyboard with number pad.

My “real” laptop is a 4 year old, 12 thread, 32gb ram, 4k OLED, gtx 1060, slightly out of date desktop replacement beast that still does everything I want with lots of horsepower to spare. But this little 8 thread laptop has never felt underpowered or slow to me. I only wish it had a better screen.

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