Dell Inspiron 15.6" Intel i7 500GB Laptop

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Dell Inspiron 15.6" Intel i7 500GB Laptop
Price: $529.99
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Condition: New


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I have this exact same laptop. If you buy it maybe you’ll have better luck than I have but mine has been a nightmare. I wouldn’t buy this for half the price.

What has been the issue? I had an Inspiron about 10 years ago which fell apart due to shoddy build quality. Is that what happened to you?

Does anyone know in general if Dell’s reputation has improved in terms of laptop build quality? I had an XPS about 5 years ago that gave in to wear and tear as well. It held up a little better than the Inspiron, but still not great.

The Dell Latitude series are very solid. Had hundreds in the field and really only replaced keyboards when people broke them. Very durable.

The Inspiron are the consumer grade, comparable to most in that class I believe.

Their 2015 XPS line is really good and they have expanded on their options. Of coarse, it’s their flagship line and you’ll be paying a pretty penny for it.