Dell Inspiron 15" AMD 1TB Touch Notebook

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Dell Inspiron 15" AMD 1TB Touch Notebook
Price: $259.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Tuesday, May 23 to Friday, May 26) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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How sensitive is this screen? Could I reasonably do a simple sketch on it with a stylus?

Not really.This is a capacitive touchscreen and won’t react to differences in pressure (so all lines will be the same). The other issue is that trying to “sketch” on a laptop is awkward because of the screen orientation. In addition you would need a pen like this to “sketch”:

Better off getting a Samsung Note tablet that has a pressure sensitive wacom digitizer built into the screen. Here’s a used one: Samsung Note 10.1 Tablet, 32GB WiFi + 4G LTE Factory Unlocked (Grade A). This is just 1 example and you may find better pricing elseware (although it’s actually a decent price). Just remember you need to pick the NOTE series of Samsung tablets, the other do not include the pressure sensitive wacom digitizer.

Possibly provided you went fairly slowly with the stylus. I don’t usually use a stylus so I tried it out on one of ours and it is possible. I would say though, that the screen is more responsive to my finger than the stylus I used. A different stylus may have worked better.

This is actually a fairly decent laptop provided you’re not expecting to go gaming with it.

We have two for when we’re on the road and need to run our business and for day to day stuff it’s fine.

It’s not the fastest hard drive in the world (5400 RPM) but the processor is a cut above average for this price range and the touch screen is pretty good too.

The only real quibble I have is the lack of an HDD activity light. I like to know when my PC is doing something!

I bought ours at Microsoft (their signature editions have zero bloatware) for $389 new last fall. They are currently $439 on Amazon so $259 plus shipping is a good price even for a refurb.

As long as your needs are for day to day use and not gaming I would recommend it.

I am so tempted. If I get one I’d probably swap out the hard drive for a cheap 128 ssd and add a 4 gb bump in ram. Anyone know if it has one or two ram slots?

What battery life are you getting out of yours? With the AMD E series I’d assume pretty good as long as you aren’t taxing it horribly.

From this thread it looks like it can hold up to 16 GB with two 8 GB SODIMMs but you may want to independently research:

Maybe the AMD E-Series processors have improved a little, but my experience with them a couple of years ago was AWFUL! I wouldn’t touch a computer with an E-Series processor. I had a customer with a brand new (right out of the box) All-in-One PC that had an E-1 Series processor, and it took more than 10 minutes to boot until I removed the Norton antivirus that came with it. Even then, it still took nearly 5 minutes to boot and be usable. I hope that they’ve improved some in the last couple of years, but I wouldn’t recommend one to my worst enemy.

[VMod comment: AMD’s E2 processors are significantly faster than the older E1 processors, so yes, they have improved.]

Anyone know if this has a backlit keyboard?

Mine has two slots and will hold up to a max of 16GB.

Yes it does.

If I remember correctly the blurb claimed 6 hours and with low and intermittent usage you would probably get close to that although I think 6 is a bit of a push.

Mine tends to get used quite hard so 90 minutes is pretty average for my usage.

Thank you!

Really an excellent deal on a totally adequate system.
I purchased this for my wife who mostly will use it for basic stuff.
I have one of these nearly exact models (mine has an Intel i3 and 8 GB ram) and it has been pretty much rock solid for my purposes, which include photo and art manipulation, video editing, streaming, and some lightweight music production with Ableton Live and Harrison Mixbus4.
Personally, though I was all hung up about having a touchscreen, I ended up disabling the function- not that it doesn’t work perfectly, I just ended up not using it as much as I had thought I would.
This is my first Woot Purchase, and I am more than happy.
Also delivery was much faster than I was lead to believe. Always nice when that happens!

“Does it have a back-lit keyboard?”
Actually, no, it doesn’t (I have mine right here). Sorry.