Dell Inspiron 17.3" Intel i5 Laptops

Its been a while since I owned this exact model but it was a really nice laptop and its half the price now. It’s a good buy.

Is this the type of laptop where I could upgrade to Windows 10 (or whatever just came out)?

Yes, it is.

So have these been refurbed by Dell or third party?

Warranty? Looked but didn’t see it posted anywhere.

At the bottom of the Features tab is where we list the warranty. This unit comes with a 90 Woot Limited Warranty. You also have the option of purchasing the extended Square Trade warranty through the widget at the top of the Features tab. Hope that helps!

Is the internal HDD on this Dell accessible by a removable panel? I was shocked to find a recent Toshiba L70 had NO access panels, requiring you to remove humpteen screws and take off the entire bottom of the machine to say, replace the standard drive with a SSD or upgrade the RAM. Major bummer. Hope this isn’t a trend.

Hey there . I have this laptop and it is a really nice laptop and has really great performance. It will have windows 8.1 on it but you will get a notification on the laptop to upgrade to windows 10 which is free.

So I am happy to see this deal but at the same time very un happy about it. I bought this exact lap top last year around this time on woot and it cost me $544.99. This is a really great laptop and I love it. It works really well and has had no problems with it. Besides you know it being on sell cheaper then when I bought it.