Dell Inspiron 17.3" AMD A8 Quad-Core Laptops

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Dell Inspiron 17.3" AMD A8 Quad-Core Laptops
Price: $299.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Jun 14 to Friday, Jun 17) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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OK Dell and other laptop makers:

It has been damn near a decade with Blue-Ray. Why the HELL are they not standard in laptops by now? What do they cost, 4 or 5 dollars more to make? Jeeeebus!

That said, this is still a terrific deal.

CPU Benchmarks

Its expensive to license bluray.

No offense, but this is the same deal that was given during the last Woot-Off two weeks ago.

I bought it then, but, sad to see no difference going on between this time and then.

Bought one of these a couple of weeks ago. So far it seems like a good computer for the price. I was disappointed the keyboard isn’t back-lit like my previous Dell but can’t be too picky for such a bargain.

So you’re telling me it’s crap. Perfect for woot.

Looked up the system on Dell’s website. Saw the most non-committal headline for a product: “Undeniable Performance”.

You see? It turned on! You can’t deny that it does perform… on some level.

Actually doesn’t seem bad for the price.

What the…? The display resolution is only 1600 x 900 for a 17 inch class monitor? Really? You would think Dell would spring for a higher resolution display for such a large laptop. Higher clarity of image and less eyestrain for the user and all that stuff. No wonder this is so cheap.

Yeah, you’re still not going to get a 1080p+ resolution screen in a sub $300 laptop. It’s just not going to happen anytime soon.

Not too long ago woot offered an Asus 13.3" convertible with a 1080p screen for $380. I myself bought one when it was $500 but I really needed a new notebook for school at the time otherwise I would have waited for the lower price.

Is the keyboard backlit?

Did you read the previous posts?

what do you mean ? webcam =Integrated?

I have been saying this for a long time. I do not understand it either.

As more and more people download or stream movies, expect to see fewer and fewer Blu-Ray drives. Industry predictions are that pre-recorded optical discs are soon to become as obsolete as pre-recorded VHS.

You’re adorable, of course they didn’t.

you’re correct with regards to video releases. But the cool thing about blu-ray is that you can record a ton on one disk. The main thing I use my blu-ray drive for is to put multiple seasons of TV shows on, I don’t want to waste HD space on that. I can even loan them out and those video files will play on any blu-ray player (because blu-ray players have extended codec support). It costs about 0.40 per disk for 25GB of storage. Think how much music can fit on those disks. Until something better comes along, it’s a great cheap storage media that can be played on PCs or blu-ray players. It’s probably one of the most under utilized economically feasible storage options currently available. The big money market was in movie titles, not much money to be made in storage- so unfortunately it was never marketed in this way.