Dell Inspiron 17.3" Intel i5 Laptops

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Dell Inspiron 17.3" Intel i5 Laptops
Price: $539.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CPU Benchmark

Time to check out the product page and let’s learn more about the processor

I would easily be all in if it had a Bluray drive with a weak video card…so close but no cigar.

What’s the warranty for these Dell machines?

1 year dell.

Thanks! I apologize. I found it under the info page but had looked under the specs. :slight_smile:

Is this a touch screen? Can I choose win7 64bit option?

I bought a similar 15" Dell and found there is an adapter you can get to replace the DVD with a 2.5" drive. Installed an SSD and put the OS on it and used the stock drive for storage. Talk about a fast computer. You can probably do the same with this PC.

Install Start8 ($4.95) or Classic Shell (free) and you turn Win 8.1 into super fast Win 7.

is the RAM upgradeable on this? A bit of googling shows conflicting info.

I have had this type of laptop for about a year or so. I use it roughly 5 hours a day. Been through 2 hard drives, one being my fault one being Dell’s. It has good speed, besides the HD it has very good durability. Screen is great. I got mine for less than this, though I only have 6GB RAM and a little less motherboard… I would recommend it for light gaming, surfing and vid watching.

Yes, I have one of these and put 16gb of Crucial in it. It’s a nice, fast machine. My biggest compliant is the non back lit keyboard. I got a wireless one which solves the problem of using it in half light while watching TV.

How do you (turbo up to 2.6 GHz ) or is it already running at 2.6 GHz?

Looking for a portable machine that I can do video editing with. Is the i5 fast enough for this. Mostly for GoPro stuff. Also, how much would this machine list for?

Any other software preloaded? Office? Adobe Acrobat? etc?

On a scale of 1 to 1862 it ranks “today” at 486

There’s more to it than the processor, and I’d like to hear from others.

Business and home machines share video and OS memory. I was stuck with a standard desktop unit at a non-profit org and tried to edit 60 minutes of video. As soon as I hit the 30 minute mark, the unit would go all wonky, as there was no longer enough memory to go around.

Later I got a used “digital workstation” designed for 3D modeling and it had a massive video processor with it’s own memory and things were fine.

Am I the only one who gets along well with 8.1?