Dell Inspiron 17" 5770 Intel i7 Laptop

Dell Inspiron 17" 5770 Intel i7 Laptop

So, does it have Win10Pro?

One of the reviews complained that it didn’t and also complained it didn’t have an SSD which this one doesn’t claim to have.

I wonder if those reviews are a little off somehow. :thinking:

I’m pretty sure that Woot linked to the wrong product on Amazon. The correct one, as far as I can tell, is, which is $100 more than the Woot offering and has generally positive reviews.

The product those reviews are referring to (B07JWY68S3) has the description:

Dell Inspiron 17-5770 Laptop (Windows 10 Professional, Intel i7-8550U Quad-core Processor, 17.3" Anti-Glare Full-HD Display, SSD: 2 TB SATA, RAM: 16 GB DDR4) Silver (Certified Refurbished)

So, assuming that the product those reviewers received didn’t include the SSD or the Windows 10 Pro, the gripes are legitimate but not relevant to this Woot product.

Would be a decent price for this laptop, but the hard drive kills the performance. Unless it’s easy to replace the drive for an SSD, I’ll pass.

$700 for a refurbed laptop with 2 stars on amazon. Yeah uhm no thanks. As usual, deals are non-existent on Woot.


I bought nearly this same laptop a few months ago from Best Buy for $300 more. Only difference seems to be that mine came with an SSD in addition to the HDD. It’s had a few finicky issues with the Bluetooth and WiFi, but those seem to be resolved now after a recent update. And apart from that, it has been a fantastic computer! No other complaints at all. I use it primarily as a workstation, but it has enough power for a little gaming on the side as well. At this price, it’s definitely a good deal. I would still add that SSD though.