Dell Inspiron 5770 17" FHD 1TB Laptop

Dell Inspiron 5770 17" FHD 1TB Laptop

Is the memory upgradable to 16 GB?
Is the keyboard illuminated?


Hi there. Looks like this is sold out.

For future, we note backlit keyboards in the specs. This one did have a backlit keyboard.

I realize that this is sold out, but there are inconsistencies between the summary features and the detailed ‘Features’ and ‘Specs’ tabs. The summary shows that the operating system is Windows 10 Home while the ‘Specs’ tab shows it as Windows 10 Pro. Also, the ‘Features’ tab shows a DVD/RW drive is supplied, while the ‘Specs’ tab shows Optical Drive entry is ‘None.’ Proofread!

Oh dear. Thank you.