Dell Inspiron One All-In-One 23" Touch Screen PC

C’mon Woot tease me with another bag o carp, I dare you.

Did you see the size of the dongle on this thing?

Wait’ll the other folks on the commuter train see my pull THIS out of my briefcase!

And thank you Woot for giving me enough time to get home.

What do guys get in bag o crap?

Where are the TVs? I need a couple of 32" HDTVs

How well would this run World of Warcraft?

Biggest problem with these all-in-one touchscreens is that they very difficult to upgrade and repair. If a component is broken. you’ll likely have to send the whole thing to the repair shop. And you can forget about upgrading the video card, etc.

The touchscreen is a gimmick. It’s much more efficient to do most things with a mouse or touchpad, and much less tiring.

The comedy on woot is in rare form today :slight_smile:

Show me on the doll where he touched you

Omigawd, you FINALLY got another Quality Post!!! :slight_smile:
(for the uninitiated, this is not an insult. It’s a joke with kippyj – who has over 10,000 posts)

does the creepy doll thing come with it?

At least the kid on the monitor isn’t blue.

Oh noes the bar went forward to spite me!

I think the touchscreen would be hell to use on a Friday night after coming home from the bar. It might get broken out of frustration of not being able to focus and touch the correct icon…

Hey look its a laptop that is akward to carry around…

Hand job or b*** job? :slight_smile:

This is a 90 bucks cheaper from but with a slower processor.

I wonder if this pc can handle games.

That’s not just some kid. That’s Bucky!

If a stylus can be used with this it would make a nice graphic design tool.