Dell Inspiron One All-In-One 23" Touch Screen PC

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Dell Inspiron One All-In-One 23" Touch Screen PC
$499.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Oh boy another computer

I hope there are only 2

Woo Hoo, a COMPUTER !

There’s your desktop

Will this come with a free upgrade to Windows 8?

Thank god, I was worried there wouldn’t be another PC.

Another computer just what I have been waiting for. NOT

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That looks like Chucky’s child, which would make this Chucky’s computer

That little rubber doll on da touch screen…that’s just wrong.

90 day warranty on used $500 computer, wow.
How enticing is that…

On the bright side all these computers might end up in my batch of cookies!

I have to wonder if anyone would buy this at all

not 1 sold yet…

not 1 sold yet…

“My life for hire!”

Return does not mean used… Fyi.

Refurb does not mean used… Fyi.

Amazon seems to have no idea who their woot clientele are