Dell Inspiron One All-In-One 23" Touch Screen PC

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Dell Inspiron One All-In-One 23" Touch Screen PC
$449.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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that was exciting wootoff, until this came on…

why get this when you could get a Mac. Duh.

Does this allow pornography to be interactive?

Ok now there can’t be more than one of these

Wish I got this instead of the laptop I am currently using, also from Woot a month ago…

lol no one’s bought yet

Ugh, making myself go to bed. I don’t think anyone wants this thing lol

edit: thank god

Will this be one of those “put people to bed” items?

Wow… not even one buy yet

Time to put on another bag of popcorn lol

I want it, just don’t need a second computer in the same month…

The little picture on the screen is a bit creepy…

If this doesn’t put everyone to bed I don’t know what will. literally. no idea.

not a bad deal
the smac is limited to mainly smac
and smac costs 20x as much LOL

still not a bad woot

I’m with lebanasty - seems like a good time to go to sleep and hope you don’t miss anything too good in the meantime. This should be awhile.

Come on rich people! BUY 3!

I just wanted a bag of coal…

Come on somebody buy the damn thing!

Lol I thought it would go fast. Genius