Dell Inspiron One All-in-One PC with 23” Multi-Touchscreen WLED Display

Does it come with the dead jellyfish?

Unfortunately not.

We consider that to be DIY.

1 word: Fingerprints.

If you’re gonna go with a jellyfish you might was well go Giant and Exotic as seen here.

If you’d read the specs, you’d know it doesn’t.

I just have to ask, but when you have a multi-touchscreen PC… isn’t the fact that it will leave fingerprints a bit of a given?

So this is the first time I have seen WLED in any description. Normally it is just LED. So why the W? After googling… It is adding the word white to the normal light-emitting diode term. Sure, there are other color LED’s in other applications… like my blue lights in my cars for the fire dept… but it is quite obvious that LED’s used in monitors and laptop screens are just white.

So… WHY do manufacturers add the W? Is it to try to make their product seem better then their competition who may only put LED?

PS: That video is not of my blue lights… I really should take a vid of mine though. Maybe I can get a vid camera in my next BOC. :slight_smile:

Not really. Some surfaces meant to be touched are made so that fingerprints don’t show.

Here’s a video review.


Yes it is & my 1 word comment was why I would not buy 1.

Interesting… I guess the technology is just moving way too fast for me these days, as I type this using my CRT monitor that also leaves some nasty fingerprints :slight_smile:


It’s late and I was halfway paying attention when I skimmed your post. I thought it said “Exotic jellyfish washes dishes”, I was like “Wow, Woot should get those to sell, they would make a fortune!”.

I love me some Dell refurbs (I have a refurbished Dell laptop that’s almost four and a half years old and a victim of heavy, near-daily use and it’s only just starting to show its age), but this doesn’t look that much cheaper than what you’d get on Dell’s website. In fact, there’s one up right now for $459.

I got one of these during a Wootoff 2 or 3 months ago. I was a little leery, since I had found many reports online complaining of out-of-box or first-30-days failures. However, my experience so far has been very positive. I don’t demand a lot of the machine - it has replaced a 22" tv and DVD player in my bedroom. All it really has to do is stream music and video over the internet, and from my desktop in the office at the other end of the house; amd play some very light games, such as Torchlight.

The screen quality is extremely high, in terms of sharpness, brightness, and color reproduction. I’m really impressed. The built-in sound however is very weak. You will want a basic pair of externally powered speakers. The screen does not show fingerprints too badly, thanks to a semi-gloss surface. About twice a week I quickly run a microfiber cloth over it, and that does the trick.

The biggest negative is the lack of useful ports, HDMI, s-video, and so forth. Depending on what you want to use the machine for, this might be a deal-breaker. But if you are looking for a low cost, light duty machine, I do recommend this one. I’ve been really happy with it so far.

note - hopefully it’s been fixed by now, but at the time I bought mine, they were shipping out of the repair center with a bad image, which prevented Windows Update from running properly. Five minutes on Google informed me both of the problem, and its simple solution.

Anyone knows how this screen handles FPS games?

“AMD Athlon II X2 250u (1.60GHz)”

Ouch…cell phones are catching up to this one.

The passmark score on the Athlon X2 250u is not very good at 981. That isn’t much better than a Celeron 925, or a Pentium D at 3.0Ghz. The Intel Atom 925 found in netbooks is about as fast…

This is a pretty slow machine for the price. The touch screen novelty wears off fast. Unless you have a specific purpose for this (all in one touch screen is needed, like for a kiosk), you may want get a non all in one machine with a much faster processor for about the same price.