Dell Intel i7 Business Class Laptops

All of them. Even the $850 one. headdesk

Does the SquareTrade warranty available for these items include accidental damage protection? It seems to when I read it but I’m not sure.

That would be a question for SquareTrade. Just make sure you tell them that you’re buying it from Woot, an authorized seller of the SqTr warranty for refurbished items.

Are the SSD drives in the e7440s mSATA?

As someone who has bought 100s of these…they almost always sit in a docking station. The next gen e7450 has gone to a higher resolution. (1080p)

The reason I ask, is that the Dell e7000 series supports booting from WWAN slot

This looks like a very good deal for an i7 (even an old dual core one) with a dedicated graphics card.
Dell’s factory outlet has comparable ones for $1200+
(Be sure to select the correct processor, screen resolution, etc.).

Be cautious. I bought 2 of the 6410 laptops that are “refurbished”. One would not power on and the other had an error message about the charging cord and would not charge. Despite being identical laptops, each came with a completely different looking power cord. These are clearly not factory refurbed. Just be cautious.

I cant be sure, because theses are refurbished, but we ordered a few 7440s and 7240s directly from dell at my work(I am IT), and they have a slot for a normal 2.5" SATA drive, with a SATA-to-mSATA adapter and mSATA drive installed.

Screen can be upgraded for about $60 + 15-30 minutes of work by someone who knows how to hold a screwdriver and follow instructions. Even with that it’s a good deal.

This (e7240 - i7, 8gb ram) looks like a great deal on a powerful machine. But I’m torn between this and a new xps13 (2015, i5, 4gb ram) for about $800 or $150 more. Just need a new home laptop for daily use, nothing too strenuous. Any reasons why I should not get this? (i can deal with the lower screen res).

I’ve deployed 900 E5440s this last year, and they seem to be pretty decent. I’ve had a few screens break on me though - I’m thinking they aren’t as tough as the previous generation. I work at a high school though, so with adult use, I’m sure they’ll be just fine.