Dell Laptops

For those of you asking…

Woot isn’t a category. It has, and always will have, the best deals from ALL categories. You will see computers, electronics, kitchen and home stuff, etc.

Fair enough. Would it be possible to list the plus deal in two places? Sometimes they do this with shirt sales; list them as a plus sale on woot as well as shirt.woot at the same time. I just think it would be nice if computers.woot showed all the computers currently for sale.

That’s a darn good idea. I passed it on to those in charge.

Thanks! Sorry for being a pest.

Is anybody going to discuss these computers? Are any of them good deals?

They’re awesome colors!!

Seems like they are cheaper ($569)on the dell outlet site:

Hi Woot! Does the Dell 7737 listed in the section have a BACKLIT keyboard?