Dell Latitude 12" 256GB Intel M7 Detachable Tablet

So got this on the 1st of Sep
Status shows it arriving on the 13th
UGH Im leaving for vacation on the 13th
Why so slow to ship WOOT?

That’s the outside date. It often arrives earlier.

I hope so
Im leaving on the 13th for vacation.
Got this just tablet just for the trip.
I hope it gets here early

Did anybody else not get the right keyboard? I got the regular one, not the slim with kickstand.

Hi there. In talking with the vendor, the tablets go out with the keyboard they came in with if there. There are two keyboards - the slim one picture and a more expensive one. Sounds like you got the other one.

Look up the features, it seems to have more. If you don’t like it, you can please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance. They can help you with a return.

Got mine today
Thanks Woot
But it also came with backlite keyboard and the soft magnetic case. no kick stand keyboard
Looks like its the 12 premier

Dell Part # 583-BDGB

I’m feeling cheated. I got the 12 premier keyboard but I didn’t get the soft magnetic case.

I’m not sure where you’re seeing it has more features. The advertised keyboard is thinner, has adjustable angle, backlit, has a pen holder, and serves as a protective cover. The one you sent is backlit but does not have any of the other features. I am in contact with customer service.

Sorry you’re unhappy.

The keyboard you have is backlit and is built like a regular notebook keyboard. It includes a cradle that the tablet magnetically snaps into.

The keyboard works for me
The magnetic case is meant to be used without the keyboard, wont fit properly with the keyboard connected.

But in Tablet mode the case fits.And covers the entire tablet,looks like it will also prop up the tablet.

Also the stiff Magnetic base keyboard looks sturdy. Not sure how long the other keyboard would last with the folding of the connection to the tablet?