Dell Latitude 12" 256GB Intel M7 Detachable Tablet

Bought this computer on a prior woot. It is amazingly fast at rendering web pages. Much faster than an iPad Pro. Much better deal than a Surface Pro. And Wow! The 4K screen is amazingly clear.

It does not come with the kickstand as shown in the picture. At the end of the keyboard is a cradle the tablet rests in. So, the closed keyboard and tablet is much thicker than pictured. Also, the tablet has to rest perfectly in the cradle for the keyboard to function.

It comes with two USB-C ports. So, if you have traditional USB devices you’ll either have to replace them or buy adapters ($7 - $20 on Amazon). Be sure to buy a USB-C multi port adapter because the charger uses one of the ports.

Expect about two hours usage per charge. And, the backside of the tablet gets very hot. Almost too hot to touch.

I also got this exact unit
glad I got the larger Drive (256)
The M 7 is fast enough for what I do.
Overall its a home run for $500 out the door, Im on vacation with it now, and it fits nice on the Harley.
Keyboard is not the slim but is very nice and works well.
Just Pull the trigger. Its a steal at $500