Dell Latitude 12" 256GB Intel M7 Detachable Tablet

This is a nifty looking detachable. But I’ve had a number of issues buying reconditioned Dells. Three of them broke within a couple weeks of receiving and the repair dudes are horrible. One wouldn’t let me sign in and I had to hack it after which the keyboard stopped working. Another had a blue screen after a short while and the third had a similar problem as the first – keyboard AND mouse stopped working.
Wound up chucking them out with the trash

That’s interesting.

My current laptop is a one I bought off of Dell’s refurbished site. Honestly, I’ve had no issues with it. Maybe I got lucky, but it’s been solid.

Weird. I’ve had really good luck with the two Dell refurb micro desktops I’ve gotten here. Also, I bought this Latitude 2-n-1 during the last batch. It came in the official Dell Outlet box/packaging, and not from a third party refurbisher. So far so good.

I bought three tablets, two of which were bad, and I had to contact dell for repairs, and I even suspected that you were selling shoddy products to consumers.