Dell Latitude 12.3" Intel i7 512GB Tablet w/KB

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Dell Latitude 12.3" Intel i7 512GB Tablet w/KB
Price: $899.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 20 to Tuesday, Nov 21) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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10/18/2017 - $899.99

Be wary of these. My company bought 10 of these for employees. (new not refurbs) 3 were DOA, wouldn’t power on right out of the box, the rest of them died within 4 months. We had so many problems that we took them off our list of available units to purchase.

While it says there is a warranty there is no warranty. Dell doesn’t warranty items through Woot and Woot has no way of fixing. They’ll either offer you your money back or a small refund. Trust me, its happended to me at least 3 times now. The claim of warranty being offered is outright fraud.

The only reason I bought one was due to the warranty. I think they would honor it. I have had good luck with & Woot!.

$900 for a dual core machine ?
Don’t care if it’s a tablet, that’s just outrageous for a refirb !!!

We got 7. Deployed to our field inspectors/engineers. The kind of guys would could break a crow bar. These have been out since early Jun 2017. Not one issue reported. They have cases but not waterproof cases. I just had one in my office yesterday helping the user with his VPN thru his cell phone hotspot connection. Looked new (except some cement stains on the keyboard cover lol).

Feel sorry for the sucker that buys this.

Lots of scary comments. That’s too bad. I was on the fence!

Got one of these a few weeks ago on the same deal. Ran into a few issues out of the box due to not all drivers being installed, and some needing to be reinstalled. Biggest issue was getting touchpad on keyboard to work. After a few hours of working with it and getting it fully up to date, all is good. 1 year Dell warranty IS included (verified this while I was working with Dell support on touchpad issue, they were about to ship me a new keyboard). Battery life is great (after much tweaking), can get almost 12 hours on full charge. It has a very sturdy feel and the kickstand is really nice. Shelled out $60 more to get the pen and Targus case (which is the only device specific case I could find, but provides great protection). Identical specs on MS Surface Pro will run you $2,200 and from my experience and other reviews, although very similar, this is a better machine. If you can look past the fact that it is a refurb, this is the best bang for your buck on a top of the line 2-in-1. Overall, I am very pleased so far!

Do you know if it works with a smart Pen?

Outrageous! It is $1499.11 on Amazon and over $1700 at Dell. Of course this is refurbished, so is unlikely to be DOA. Never can tell, but half off is outrageous.

Sorry for the problems. Did you transfer the ownership from Woot to you first?

You just need to the ownership from Woot to you. Dell registers the unit to us first.

Once you transfer ownership, you should be good to go on that warranty.

Dell Transfer Website:

I used the 75007 zip code for the transfer from Woot. Did I guess correctly?

That is our zip so I think that would be correct. :slight_smile:

Glad I came back here to check this.

You know, it might be a good idea when Woot sells something like this that they include this ownership transfer information along with any required info, like that zip. I am in IT and have bought many PCs, both new and refurbed, and had no idea whatsoever Dell allows/requires you to transfer ownership for warranty purposes.

I received an e-mail from Dell 15 hours ago telling me my Warranty and Ownership Transfer was denied. The reason was:

“The previous owner information does not match our records. Please submit an updated request with the correct previous owner information.”

So, fellas… what do I put down for your information? You tell us to transfer ownership, but do not provide any information about what is “passable” or valid.