Dell Latitude 12.3" Intel i7 512GB Tablet w/KB

Will this accept an ATT wireless sim card for cellular connectivity?

Good question. We have these at work. I have 3 of 10 I’ve deployed on my desk setting them up. Got 4 more coming. Our outdoor guys use them to connect to their phone hotspots while on the job inspecting bridges, road construction projects, etc. Ours were set up for Verizon but we use the hotspots instead so if you ever get one that uses a cell service, remove the software if you will never activate it. The ONLY issue I’ve seen, and feel it’s a windows 10 issue, not a hardware is it’s WiFi. I’ve had two that refuses to connect to the phones hotspot (these are iPhone 6’s) after being on a home wifi or other free hotspot, then you leave that area, then try to connect to the phone, it refuses. Takes a disable/re-enable to drop it. Just a pain trying to walk a person through the fix who is use to using a shovel/pick and not technology. The have survived the last 6 months out in the wild with only a Targus outer protective shell.

The Dell website does not mention any cellular options.

The cellular card is an option on the Dell site. It seems from the list of options that it is not included in this model.

Does it have any video out so it can be connected to an external monitor on desk?


You can do video out from the usb c connection. I use a usb c to hdmi adapter. Dell also sells a usb c dock if you need more connections.

Great, thanks!

I have one of these, and I can connect in a few ways. I can use a USB C to HDMI adapter, or I can project to my Fire TV, or I can use a hub I purchased separately that lets me hook to at least 2 additional monitors. Note: I have the m7 model which isn’t quite as nice as this one. This one is supposed to be able to drive 3 4K monitors via an appropriate adapter/hub. I’ve been able to pass through to a Microsoft Surface Hub (84" 4K model) via WiFi at work as well.