Dell Latitude 12" E7240 Ultrabook + Dock

Is the memory user upgradeable to 8GB?

yes, and more. One of my developers uses this model and I upgraded him to 16GB.

Note: this model runs hot. Its just a side effect of tiny laptops (any brand). Also, another downside of small laptops, very small battery. Don’t expect to get more than an hour at full blast. I have about a dozen of these in my 600 laptop fleet and while the user’s love the size, their most common complaints is they run hot (or the fan is on all the time) and their battery doesnt last long. Granted they run a lot of high end stuff, or run video meetings on batter… that’s just the nature of the game. Any laptop is going to do this.

Aside from that, they are pretty solid models.

Don’t spend $100 extra on the dock, you can get the same one from another amazon vendor for $50 shipped (I just bought a couple dozen at that price).

Asked the team:

Max via Crucial is 16GB, backed up by the Dell Memory Matrix:

Upgrade instructions:

So has there been any issue with things burning out because of the laptop running hot?

it is not a great deal at all. I found a better deal on amazon
same model, same CPU, but 8GB memory and 256GB SSD hard drive, and no tax (except WA); I believe Woot charges tax to most of area in US.