Dell Latitude 12" E7250 Intel Ultrabook

I am wanting this laptop, but want to know if the one WOOT is selling is the model with the Backlit Keyboard?

Some are and some are not. The e7250’s selling on right now ARE backlit, however, I have seen the same model on amazon from Dell that aren’t. Please advise ASAP so I know what to do.

We’d have listed it in the Specs if it had a backlit keyboard.

Just checking. Thanks. Only ask because some of your specs say NON LIT and others don’t say anything at all. Other then standard keyboard.

It’s like a mystery box. It could be anything. I appreciate it.

No problem.

Standard keyboard is a keyboard you find on most laptops with no special bells, whistles, or lights.

Last question - I still might get it, but would like to know the model number. Can you please provide this? I would like to look up the motherboard specs… I would greatly appreciate it! And thanks for the help so far.

All we have is Dell Latitude E7250. With Factory Reconditioned computers, there may be a variety of models in the lot. All are brought to the specifications we list on the specs.