Dell Latitude 13.3" Core i3 Laptop (4GB, 128GB SSD)

Dell Latitude 13.3" Core i3 Laptop (4GB, 128GB SSD)

Screen resolution isn’t the greatest, and even though this isn’t an expensive device we’re at the point where a 1080p screen is NOT an expensive part to manufacture.

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The screen is a lesser evil here. Soldered down memory, OTOH …

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Sadly you can NEVER upgrade the ram. It is integrated onto the MB and no ram slot at all. Stuck with 4GB forever. NOT A GOOD DEAL!


Wow is inflation that bad or is this just not a great deal? I got a Latitude 7480 pre pandemic for $325 and it had 32GB ram and it wasn’t soldered. Plus a QHD touch screen… (really for a 13.3 or 14in laptop I don’t know that I really need anything better then 1080 but it sure does look sharp. It came with an M.2 SATA drive but the port would also do NVMe so I swapped it. (apparently only 2 PCIe lanes and not 4 as the drive is about half the rated speed… which is fine since that is still about triple of the SATA drive)

Only down side is it is about a generation too old to go to windows 11. So at some point I need to “upgrade” I think I will pass on this one though. :confused:

My Haswell desktop was “upgraded” in place via Microsoft’s own registry entry method. A fresh install on an Ivy Bridge desktop at work also worked.

(Quotes, because the UI changes feels like a downgrade to me.)

Not a Dell, but spend $70 more and get something Better Twice the RAM, Twice the SSD Storage. Similar if not Better Performance, New, and accidental protection available.

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CPU passmark is 3831 on the Dell, 4014 on the ASUS. Other differences will include the memory standard (DDR4 vs LPDDR3) and the iGPU (Vega 3 vs. UHD 620). The Dell here does have W10 Pro, which is an aspect to consider for business/corporate environments.

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