Dell Latitude 13.3" Full-HD Touch 2-in-1 Laptop

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I would avoid all dell touch laptops. I have many of these and every single one has “ghost” touching where it appears that you are touching the screen all over and the only solution I have found is to disable touch. A quick google search reveals this is a major problem, with the only “solution” being to flex and bend the screen anytime this issue pops up

You da man.

We had the same issue, ghosting is a major problem with that style. Disabled touch and the ghosting went away. A replacement screen is out, why pay again for a useless touch screen.

When it finally dies it’ll be replaced with a 12" windows tablet and bt keyboard

I recently splurged on the 2017 XPS version of this Dell design and it’s a fantastic machine. FWIW I had to return the first unit due to a malfunctioning touch screen, but since that first-week issue it’s hands-down my favorite PC ever. To be fair, the unit I have is faster and otherwise better equipped than this one.

I bought this exact computer from woot about a month ago. I love it so far. I haven’t had any “ghosting” issues as mentioned above.

You can find this on-sale new at for the same price from time to time.

Hoping beyond hope, but is memory user upgradeable?