Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel 128GB Laptops

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Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel 128GB Laptops
Price: $229.99 - 279.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Jan 13 to Monday, Jan 18) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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With the option for an i7 and an SSD that’s a pretty good price.

Only 2 reviews for the refurb:

Check out the product page

I have a lot of these in my fleet at work. They are solid machines. This is an extremely good deal for a solid reliable machine with an SSD already in it. I would snap this up in a heartbeat if I was in need of a laptop, or would guiltlessly recommend this to any family or friend, knowing I would be the one working on it.

My only performance recommendation is to bump this up to 8GB RAM once you get one (dirt cheap $20-40ish upgrade, depending what ram is currently in it already).

A longevity recommendation when you get one is to open the bottom up, blow out any dust the refurbishers missed, and put new heat paste (Arctic Silver or something or equal quality) on the heatsink/cpu, and check to make sure the northbridge pad is still usable on the end of the heatsink.
Other than those quick tips, these things last forever.

I manage an IT department with about 700 computers, mostly all Dell Latitudes of every make and model and vintage.

I highly recommend this model for this price.

I bought this same model a couple weeks back when it was offered with only the Core i5. It’s running great and I would have easily dropped an extra $50 for the i7 upgrade.

I’m tempted to buy again and sell the one I have but I’ve already added a backlit keyboard and 16 gig RAM. I’m no gamer so it works fine but it’d be nice to have the i7.

Thanks woot.

Edit: For what it’s worth the one I received came with Nanya brand RAM and a Lite-On SSD. This also says no webcam… as did the listing I purchased… but mine surprisingly sports a webcam front and center.

Don’t feel so bad about the I5, the performance increase will be marginal with the I7. The passmark is 3918 for the i7-2640M and 3555 for the Intel Core i5-2520M. The SSD in both will make them feel pretty similar in real world performance.

Totally agreed! I’m already over the i7 envy after a bit of research. Thanks for looking out though!

The link to the one year warranty takes one to a refurbees selling site and contains these lead off words under the terms: “THE MATERIALS (INCLUDING ALL SOFTWARE) AND SERVICES ON THIS SITE ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF ANY KIND INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY”. This does not seem to be the correct link/page for a warranty of one year???

The Dell product page linked by someone else earlier says the webcam was an option. So these refurbs may or may not have it.

Purchased the Core I7 model. I am a consultant and wanted a good solid unit to drag with me on field assignments. Having used a 5410 with a previous employer, I had high expectations of the 6420.

It arrived yesterday. A few scratches around the ports and one small chip on the outside corner of the upper lid. Otherwise, pretty good condition. Having said that, anyone who runs a sub-Windows 10 computer is aware of the prompts Microsoft issues to upgrade to Windows 10 (for free). I’ve done this on my desktop and it was pretty seamless.

So, I tried to update my “new” E6420 to Windows 10. First, I refer to the image provided by Woot that shows on the advertisement for this unit. It indicated that one can “Get a free upgrade from Microsoft for eligible devices…offer valid through July 29, 2016.”

I would have guessed this unit was “eligible”. However, repeated attempts resulted in failure to update and restoration of the Windows 7 Pro. I researched this and tried pretty much everything. I have no issue with Windows 7 and, if it wasn’t for the constant prompts to upgrade, I might not even have bothered. But, I figured I should get the update out of the way.

Today, I called the refurbisher (I spoke with Melissa) who flat out told me that the units they process and ship are not upgradeable to Windows 10 and, if any other operating system is installed the warranty is considered void.

What’s up with this???

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Whatever genius installed Windows on this laptop neglected to install the proper AHCI drivers. This makes my life complicated! I actually consider this a defect since it prevents the computer from operating as it was designed.

Don’t worry, it’s a simple fix to correct your mistake:

This article is for users who have installed Windows with the SATA Operation mode of ATA. The Dell supported method of changing the SATA Operation from ATA to either AHCI or RAID On (Intel Rapid Restore Technology or IRRT) would be to completely reinstall the operating system with the correct SATA Operation setting in the BIOS. A registry fix has been developed that will allow you to change the SATA Operation without reinstalling Windows. This process should prevent the BSOD of 0x0000007B which can occur when switching the SATA Operation without reinstalling the operating system. The process has also been tested for switching back and forth between ATA, AHCI and RAID On modes and works without any problems.

Note that this process involves a modification to the Windows registry. Please be aware that serious problems might occur if the registry is incorrectly modified. As a best practice it is always advisable to back up the registry before you modify it so you will be able to restore the registry to its original state if a problem occurs. A search of the Microsoft Knowledge Base will provide details on backing up the registry if needed. It is also a good idea to make sure that a backup of all the data on the system is made.

Follow the below steps to modify the registry.

  1. Check to see that Windows has been installed with the SATA Operation mode of “RAID Autodetect / ATA” or “ATA”.

  2. Copy the attached file “ataahci.txt” to the desktop.

  3. Download IRRT, A05 (SATA_DRVR_WIN_R268416.EXE) to the desktop.


Picture 1

  1. On the desktop, double click the icon for “SATA_DRVR_WIN_R268416.EXE” to extract the files.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

  1. Go to the Start menu, click on “Run…”, type in “cmd” and click on the “OK” button to open a Command Prompt window.

Picture 5

  1. Change the directory to the IRRT driver folder using the following command, “cd\dell\drivers\sata\sata_drvr_win_r268416”.

  2. Run “setup.exe -a” to extract the iaStor drivers to the “C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel® Rapid Storage Technology\Drivers” folder. Note that for simplicity in Command Prompt this will usually be either “C:\PROGRA~1\Intel\INTEL(~1” or “C:\PROGRA~1\Intel\INTEL(~2” depending on if other Intel applications or drivers were installed previously that used the folder name of “Intel®”.

Picture 6

  1. Change the directory to the Intel IRRT folder using a command like “CD\PROGRA~1\Intel\INTEL(~1\Drivers\x32” or “CD\PROGRA~1\Intel\INTEL(~2\Drivers\x32”. Note that for a 64-bit operating system, the directory would be something like “CD\PROGRA~1\Intel\INTEL(~1\Drivers\x64” or “CD\PROGRA~1\Intel\INTEL(~2\Drivers\x64”.

  2. Copy the iaStor INF file and CAT file to the directory of “C:\Windows\INF” using the command “COPY *.INF c:\windows\INF” and the command “COPY *.CAT c:\windows\INF”.

  3. Copy the iaStor SYS file to the directory of “C:\windows\system32\drivers” using the command “COPY *.SYS C:\windows\system32\drivers”.

Picture 7

  1. Change the directory to the desktop using the command “cd\Users\Administrator\Desktop”.

  2. Import the “ataahci.txt” registry patch into the registry using the command “regedit /s ataahci.txt”.

Picture 8

  1. Type “exit” and push the “Enter” key to exit the Command Prompt window.

  2. Reboot the PC and you will see new hardware installing and be prompted to restart once more.

Picture 9

Picture 10

  1. You may now test the system in AHCI Mode or RAID On Mode as required by your customer.

  2. Note that the procedure above has not been validated by Dell Engineering, but is supplied for best effort support only. The Dell supported method of changing the SATA Operation from ATA to either AHCI or RAID On (Intel Rapid Restore Technology or IRRT) would be to completely reinstall the operating system with the correct SATA Operation setting in the BIOS.

As a reference, below is the contents of the “ataahci.txt” file.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




“Group”=“SCSI miniport”




“DisplayName”=“Intel AHCI Controller”

















































As a reference, below are some examples from the device manager of the Optiplex 780 and Latitude E6410 showing possible VEN and DEV IDs with the associated service.

Optiplex 780 Device Manager ExampleLatitude E6410 Device Manager Example

If you require further assistance or wish to give us feedback, please engage our technical team on Twitter.

Quick Tips content is self-published by the Dell Support Professionals who resolve issues daily. In order to achieve a speedy publication, Quick Tips may represent only partial solutions or work-arounds that are still in development or pending further proof of successfully resolving an issue. As such Quick Tips have not been reviewed, validated or approved by Dell and should be used with appropriate caution. Dell shall not be liable for any loss, including but not limited to loss of data, loss of profit or loss of revenue, which customers may incur by following any procedure or advice set out in the Quick Tips.
Article ID: SLN285045

The above instructions didn’t pan out for me. What I did instead was follow these:

And then ran the installation file from the last post. Even then I can only boot in RAID mode (AHCI still leads to a BSOD), but I think it’s pretty much equivalent.

Last Update. Installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) 12.5 enables booting in AHCI mode. Finally. But remember that you have to edit the ahci entry in the Windows Registry before you can instal RST.

The shipping was super fast but the keyboard on the machine Refurbees sent me doesn’t work :frowning:

I emailed Melissa a few days ago, after speaking with someone from the Refurbees main #. Still haven’t heard back from them. Anyone out there know how long it takes to get a response from Refurbees about them sending out a defective machine??

If you don’t hear back soon, please email with your order details and situation; CS can check into things for you.

I was having issues upgrading to Windows 10 as well. Would get stuck at around 40% and then say “Error blah blah.” What I did was reinstall Windows 7, then tried to upgrade. It worked for me.