Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop

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Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop
Price: $269.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Jan 14 to Monday, Jan 19) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Benchmark

While the Dell support page will indicate 8GB maximum RAM, this beast will actually support up to 16GB. Here’s are some screenshots from the same laptop I got from Woot back in November (I also installed an SSD in it). It runs super well, and have had absolutely zero issues with this practically new refurb.

What does it take to transfer the operating system to a new, and bigger hard-drive?

Good info. Did it come with a system disk or restore cd?


Beware, I recently bought a used business-series laptop from Woot and it was more of a “lease return” than refurbished. It has lots of wear and tear on it.

This Dell has the exact same processor as the HP Elitebook I bought. The HP has 4gb of ram and I imaged the drive over to a 250gb SSD and it screams. Boots up completely (ready to roll) in 40 seconds and I haven’t found anything that slows it down yet.

As long as you’re OK with it having some decent wear and tear from a one or two year business lease, then $270 isn’t too bad. Throw an SSD in for another $100 and you’ve got a nice setup for under $400.

Programs such a Acronis and others can make an exact copy of the operating system to a larger drive

Thanks, I was also wondering if I could do it before the initial start-up of the the computer/laptop, or if I should let windows start up/set-up first, then do the swap and clone?

I have 2 of these laptops that I bought for my business and I have been extremely satisfied. On the one I use personally, I bumped up the ram and added a 1tb ssd/hdd drive into the swappable dvd drive slot. The only thing that is an issue for me is the lack of built in bluetooth (though it can be added through a difficult install) and no Web cam.

How much would 16GB cost for this thing?

I bought 16GB DDR3 from Newegg for 154.00. Now I want to upgrade the HD to SSD.

Which SSD did you use for the upgrade? Did it come with ghosting software?

Now that MS has announced that W7 is on borrowed time, is this a good buy?

There will not be another Service Pack or feature enhancement, but there will be security patches out through 2019.

OS…Latest…End mainstream…End extended
XP…SvPk3…Apr 14, 2009…Apr 08, 2014
Vista…SvPk2…Apr 10, 2012…Apr 11, 2017
Win7…SvPk1…Jan 13, 2015…Jan 14, 2020
Win8…Win8.1…Jan 09, 2018…Jan 10, 2023

Or Ubuntu is also an option…

I bought a laptop that was very similar to this one from Woot for my daughter for Christmas. The screen was totally messed up with lots of subtle cracks in it. Maybe bad luck on my side, but check what you get carefully.

I bought this same Dell notebook from Woot in November for $279. It’s a solid, great notebook. I also upgraded the drive to SSD and just put in 8GB of memory. With 4GB, it would studder and freeze for a few seconds at a time, but now with 8GB of memory (cost: $66), it works great.

My unit also came WITH a webcam and a WLAN card (so if I wanted to get a 3G SIM card, I can just pop it in). YMMV, I think it’s just luck of the draw.

I did look into adding a bluetooth card (cost: $6 on ebay), but my unit is missing the Bluetooth antenna wire where the BT module would be installed. It’s just not there as the directions indicate it should. No problem since I got a tiny Bluetooth USB adapter which works great.

The notebook is a tad on the heavy side, and mine came with the 9-cell battery which adds some weight. I’m thinking of getting a 6 cell battery for traveling.

Also, another option for people, you can buy a disk drive tray to fit in where the DVD drive is (check amazon), so you can have two HD/SSDs in this notebook if you want, and just use a cheap USB DVD drive for the times you need to. I think you can also get a cable to use convert the DVD drive to USB.

My work laptop is an E6430 (next newer model). It is a solid performer, and definitely commercial-grade, not a flimsy consumer product.

At this price point, there is still good value here. I’d rather have this than an open-box consumer product or a “netbook”.

If you are the sort of person who can make use of a smart card reader, it’s very handy to have it built in.

I assume this has the standard Dell dock interface, in which case the docks are pretty easy to come by.

Does anyone know if the keyboard is backlit?

I do a lot of work in low light environments.

I used xxclone to transfer Win7 to the SSD. But as others said, Acronis and other software can do it too.