Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop

Okay… I’m attempting to buy one of these again. Purchased one back in January that was absolutely perfect. Upgraded it with a SSD and 8GB memory. Bought a second one in March during the woot-off. That one was stolen during the shipping process - it never reached my house. I even pre-ordered another SSD and 8GB of memory for the computer I never received. Woot refunded my purchase. Hopefully this one will make it to my door - as the SSD and the memory is still sitting on the counter waiting for a Dell Latitude E6420.

How can you upgrade memory fron 250GB to 500GB or higher? And what is that SSD, as some of you wrote about is as upgrade. I would buy one but 250GB seems small

SSD is a solid state drive. They are much-much faster. Memory can be purchased directly from Kingston or Amazon. Increasing to 8GB and adding a solid state drive speeds up this laptop faster than some current models. If you put in a larger hard drive (SSD) you will need an operating system install disk and then find the drivers to run the Dell parts (downloadable directly from Dell’s support site).

Really? I just clone the drive and stick the SSD in it’s place.

I rebuild them so I don’t have any residual software/adware from the generic install. This way, I know exactly what’s on the machine as I image it.