Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop

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Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop
Price: $229.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Benchmarks

Does this actually have a built in telephone modem? Not sure what I’d use it for, but odd to see a laptop with one these days.

It has an RJ-12 connector so apparently so. I agree it’s odd.

Is it the regular battery or extended battery likes the one in 6th picture?

the last dell i bought from woot had a non removable bios password. could not update

buyer beware!!

Business line laptops like this Dell occasionally still have modems, for users that go to poorly served areas that need to stay connected (eg, remote construction shack). For the same reason it comes with Win7 Pro instead of Home - it’s so business users can join a domain.

Does this laptop have a warranty from Dell?

This is a second generation i5 processor. Intel currently is shipping 6th generation.

List of 2nd Gen processors

This seems like a decent deal. Yes, an older gen i5, but it also comes with an SSD and Win 7 Pro. Win 7 Pro is $140 by itself.

Seems to be some debate on how much RAM this system can utilize.

If 8/16GB, this is a pretty good deal for lightweight computing. Good replacement for Mom’s aging Toshiba…

I have been using this computer for work for the last 3+ years and it has been very solid. Where I work deployed hundreds of these and overall they have been very reliable. I don’t know how well it would perform for gaming (guessing ok, but not great), but it plays movies and web video just fine. Mine has the larger battery and after the 3+ years of service it’s still good for 2-3 hours of work. I don’t know how a smaller battery would perform, but guessing that if the Woot unit came with the original battery that it would probably be good for an hour or two. I have never felt that the screen was the very best available, but it’s a business class computer and it works well for for work related activities.

It definitely supports 16GB.

Note that this is only a dual core processor!

It’s also only $229. What’s your point?

Oh man. I hope it’s enough for my 75 year old mom…

In the pictures the modem port is plugged. I doubt it has an internal modem.

We have a handful of the 15" version at work. As the IT admin, I’ve had my hands in them, and they’re definitely decent machines. I was never a big fan of the appearance, but that’s subjective. They should have no problem supporting 8GB or 16GB of RAM with two DIMM slots, and the processor is way more than enough for every day computing. The fact that it is coupled with an SSD drive makes it worth it in my opinion. While you lose out on bulk storage space, you gain a great amount of speed. In my opinion, every system built during and since the Core 2 Duo days has been held back by mechanical hard drives.

Keep in mind that when comparing Intel Core generations, not much improvement has been made since the 2nd Gen (such as these). They increased the graphical performance and lowered power consumption, but in terms of performance even the newest Skylake chips are on par with Sandy Bridge.

No, it really is not. I’m not sure if that’s an MSRP sticker, but that’s definitely not where I’d be dumping my hard earned cash. Windows 8.1 professional isn’t even a hundred bucks. A Google search reveals Win 7 Pro can be had for less than $50 new.

Solid state hard drives that size are also sub-$50 these days and for $20-30 more you can double the storage space.

Between the lower price of previously offered laptops and the marginal hardware differences combined with the other buyer’s comment about the BIOS being locked, I think I’ll hold off.

I do need a laptop though. Let me know when the deals start.

A good deal for what it is, bro. You looking for performance? Why you on woot?

Good luck with that $50 Win 7 Pro, cuz I’m sure you’ve purchased a win7 pro $50 key from one of these one off shady software re-sellers before? Send me that link please.

Dell’s business class machines are reliable. Been around them for 15 years. Servers, workstations, laptops - They last and are reliable for the quantity they put out.

I have a feeling the deal you are looking for is not gonna be $230, Unless you are getting a laptop for your grandmother or 6 year old?

Let me mention for the 3rd time I was considering this for my 75 year old mother.

She opens web pages.