Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop

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Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop
Price: $229.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Dec 16 to Monday, Dec 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I got this the last time Woot had it on sale. Immediately afterwards, they had a quad-core Lenovo with a 12-inch screen for less money, but I think I got a good deal.

There appears to be tremendous support from the Hackntosh community for this series of Dells, by the way, so if you don’t mind tinkering, it could be fun to put OS X on this thing.

I’ve not yet done much with mine, but startup times with the SSD are commendably quick. Also wonderful is the fact that because this is a refurb, the copy of Windows 7 installed by the Microsoft-authorized refurbisher is completely devoid of the kind of crapware you’d get on a brand new computer from an OEM.

I ran Geekbench on this thing and the 64-bit multi-core score was 5619.

To put that in perspective, when I booted my late 2013 iMac (quadcore i5, SSD, 16GB RAM, 1GB discrete graphics card) into Windows 10 and ran Geekbench, I got a multicore score of 10670.

Be warned this Dell’s max screen resolution is less than 1080P, something to consider if you plan to watch lots of movies on it.

This is a solid machine, though. Not appropriate for gaming, but definitely plenty fast for Internet and working remotely.

What is the max memory that this can hold?

I’m sure its eligible for a free win10 upgrade correct?

I’ve had this as my work laptop for the past 3-4 years.

  1. Keyboard: I like it a lot. I type on this keyboard more efficiently than some of the new Dell desktop keyboards, it’s that good.

  2. Power: It’s a work laptop, and any modern i-core can handle this type of productivity-only duty. I have no idea how it would handle anything more demanding.

  3. Screen: Not good at all. The one thing I have complained about to our IT guys is the screen on this thing. The 14" screen and low resolution is not conducive to long hours of productivity. On days when I’m in the office for long periods, working on paperwork all day, I seem leave with a headache from squinting and sitting too close to the screen.

I don’t care how heavy it would be, I’d prefer a 17" laptop with a better screen, hands down.

  1. Durability: I have had zero problems, up until a couple of weeks ago. Randomly, the mouse will freeze up and not move for several seconds - this happens while the mouse is plugged into any USB port. I haven’t had time to determine whether this is a mouse issue or computer issue.

Otherwise, this laptop has performed well. It also runs very quietly and cool. I only ever feel heat from the left-side vent port occasionally, and that seems to be a rare occurrence.

Aside from the poor screen, I’d love to keep this laptop for forever, the keyboard and form are that good.

I’d like to know the max memory as well.

You can put at least 8GB of RAM in this thing. I kinda recall some discussion as to whether more might be supported, but I don’t recall whether a verdict was reached. There are two RAM slots, for what it’s worth, and you don’t have to do matched pairs, so if 8GB is the max, you can put an 8GB stick in one slot and leave the other empty.

Here’s a video on how to do the RAM upgrade. As you’ll see, you have to unscrew a lot of screws and take the bottom panel off the thing. Not the most difficult install I’ve seen, but certainly not as easy as being able to just open a door and access the RAM slots.

Correct. Mine came with a special Windows key from the refurbisher, which I entered upon first boot-up.

As soon as I did my first Windows update, the little icon for upgrading to Win10 appeared in the tray.

I just wish it had a touch screen, I would purchase two if it did.

Thank you!

This hits all points for my needs. I wanted a dedicated laptop for traktor, and this meets all of the bare minimums for that.

According to Crucial, 8GB Dell Latitude E6420

I’m seeing this unit sell for about $160 on eBay sans power cord, refurbished as well.

Should I get this woot deal anyway?

The one you linked to has a regular disk HD. I would say they are a close to equal in value considering the ebay one is missing power supply as well. If you look on Rakuten you can find ones directly from some of the better refurbers, with a bigger ssd and 8 gigs of ram and the 1600x900 screen for about 40 bucks more. Which is what I would go for.

Nah, I’d rather not do Rakuten considering the ID theft that occurs. It feels like I could just buy the $160 one, swap out the HDD for an SSD and use the drive for something else like a PlayStation.


(1) Sure, you can find Dell off-lease laptops cheap, especially if you’re willing to buy them without drives and/or in bulk. And a risk of illegal copies of Windows.

(2) If you just want a cheap, solid business grade laptop and don’t want to hassle with it, I’d go with one from a “Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher” (MAR). And with a 1-year warranty so you can deal with the odd lemon.

(3) The example you linked is from a seller who claims to be a “Microsoft Registered Refurbisher” (MRR) but they are not listed as such in Microsoft’s directory. And MRR’s are a dime a dozen. MARs are rarer.

Both (2) & (3) give you some assurance the Windows license is legal, especially if the MAR has an established solid reputation.

Today’s Woot seems fairly (if not wonderfully) priced and is from a MAR. For me it would come down to how much confidence I’d have in the condition of these Dells.

BTW, the batteries in these off-lease laptops can be a crap shoot so budget for a replacement unless you can convince the MAR to send you a replacement. (Reputation and support counts.)

BTW2, while the cheaper prior gen Dells (all black, very squared off cases) might be tempting, those are getting long in the tooth and have the first gen i5 CPU. This gen has the 2nd gen i5 with a nice bump in performance.

Thanks. I’m getting it for the office, and I do want to reduce some hassle.

Nice quality post. I appreciate your input here. Merry Christmas!

It’s eligible BUT (and be advised) it’s not on the list Dell supplies as 100% supported for Windows 10