Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop

CPU Benchmarks

a very solid machine at a good price. The only real negative is the low res panel. Had I not just bought a similar one a couple of months ago, I would buy this.

Meh. Not bad, but there are better deals to be had on woot.

Last month I got an HP elite book for $70 more. It had a similar processor, but twice the RAM, a SSD almost twice as big, a higher resolution screen (tho not full HD), had bluetooth and a webcam, came equipped with USB 3.0 ports, eSATA and charging USB ports.

If you need a machine real bad right now, this will probably be fine. But if you’re in no rush, I’d say hold your money and see if something better comes along.

Ditto… and with the costs of SSD’s, not hard to up these to more storage. Not a gaming rig but nice for that inlaw you want to have email and some of those 1001 game cd’s.

Seems this one has a smaller battery then the standard 9 cell so doubt even with the SSD it will last the 8 hours with it’s 6 cell battery. Looks like you can upgrade the video too.,2817,2383754,00.asp Which should be a plus as the 6420’s we had on our campus, the biggest complaint was the lowres/low light look of the screen. But they are pretty tuff.

Nice laptop but can be had for less:

(128GB SSD can be found for around $35 to $40 on eBay)

I am going to second this. The guy at work who does the majority of the PC repairs recommended something like this around Christmas when I was looking for a laptop for my son. He says they are solid and easy to work on. I ended up getting a floor model Asus that was nice. After I gave it to my son, I did a backup of everything to a usb drive. I wanted to test the restore (which I bet a lot of people don’t do until it’s too late) so I thought I would just temporarily replace the hard drive with a new SSD I bought for myself. Problem was, I could not get the original drive out of the Asus. There was a tiny USB cable going across the top of the drive that went to insanely small connectors. It was too tiny to remove without risking damage. I could also not disconnect the battery while working on the drive because it to was wired to a microscopic connector. If I had lighted, magnifying eyewear, I might have been able to replace the drive. Needless to say, the Dell would have been much easier to work on.

I’m in charge of IT at the 40-employee nonprofit where I work. We have received about 15 of these as donated machines; they were previously used for 2.5 years as employee laptops in a corporate environment.

Ours have the higher-resolution version of this display, 1600x900. On three of the machines so far, the LED backlight for the screen has failed. For two of them, I purchased a used LCD panel on ebay and replaced (an easy swap/fix). Yet for some reason, replacements are twice as expensive now, and so I have one of these unrepaired in the closet as it’s not economical to replace. Makes me wonder if lots of other people have needed replacement screens, driving up the price. Perhaps we just have a bunch of them from the same bad batch. It could very well not be a problem with the 1280x768 version of the screen, either, for all I know (Samsung makes some of the panels and LG others even in the high-res screen, I have discovered).

Bought this the last time it went on sale. It’s an okay computer for the office, better than the regular Dells and HPs you find in stores for a similar price. The touchpad clicking is a bit annoying but fixed when you download the Dell driver. It is recommended that you upgrade the SSD if you’re planning on storing work in the computer and on an external. 240GBs do go on sale for $60 these days. I would buy another, but only if it was $30 cheaper.

According to Dell’s website, this laptop is supposed to have a touchscreen but I don’t see that feature on the Woot spec list. Does anybody know if this laptop actually has the touchscreen?

the one woot is selling has half the storage, but it’s an SSD, not a spindle-based dive. Woot is also including a 6-cell battery vs a 4-cell on eBay, and their laptop includes 802.11a wireless, which the eBay laptop lacks. but for the $90 price difference ($145 delivered vs $235), the eBay laptop is still a good deal.

Most laptops can come in many different configurations. This one does not have a touch screen.

This is one of those laptops that could be configured with many, many different options. My guess is that it does not have a touch screen. With that said, as these are refurb machines it is possible you end up getting a machine that had more options that a standard machine. I had that happen with a refurb computer I recently purchased. It came with a camera and an extended battery that was not listed in the description.

One more thing to keep in mind if you are comparing this to a different model. This is a business class machine meant for heavy daily use, and as such is built to a much higher standard than most consumer grade machines. There is more metal in this machine, which will make it last longer, than other machines. It also makes it a bit heavier, which depending on how you plan on using it may or may not make a difference.

Great advice RamsPride!

I believe the author of that article meant you could ‘upgrade’ the screen when buying the laptop new from Dell. I don’t believe you can buy this refurb unit and upgrade it (without major surgery and expense)