Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop

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Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop
Price: $229.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Mar 16 to Monday, Mar 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Thanks a bunch guys! That is kind of you to offer another laptop. Nice. But still wanted the Lenovo.

Mediocre laptop at a mediocre price! Nice buy for a entry level machine. Put 8 gigs of RAM in it and get a few years. The SSD really wakes it up.

Bought one for 50 more a few months ago, still use it everyday.

what makes this worth a $30 premium over the Lenovo that sold out earlier today? The specs look basically identical.

Far less crapware.

An HDMI out instead of Display Port? But like you said these two things are pretty much identical spec wise. They are going to most likely have the very little bloat since these are fresh installs from non factory images.

Looks like the Dell is refurbed by MBS who’s one of the better known refurb shops and it comes with a full year warranty. I’ve bought multiple machines from them and have never had an issue with customer service. I’ve never heard of Computerland (that doesn’t necessarily mean anything) who did the Lenova and it was only a 90 day guarantee. So there is that difference too.

Had one of these as my work laptop for a few years. Worked fine for basic web surfing and general Office work.

Since it hasn’t been posted:

Passmark CPU Benchmark: 3553
Passmark GPU Benchmark: 311

Very thorough review from 2011 over at

The Latitude 6400 series also seems to be popular for those who want install OS X 10.10 or 10.11 to make a hackintosh; make of that what you will.

I have the 15" version of this laptop at work. It’s a bit clunky, but it gets the job done.

It’s definitely not fast by any stretch of the imagination, but adding an SSD would help a LOT.