Dell Latitude 14" E5450 Intel i7 Laptops



“Your Choice: Capacity”

I think y’all copied this from an earlier sale where there WAS a choice. Am I missing something?


Yep, you’re right. It’s the 256GB SSD. I’ve emailed for a fix.


Thanks. Is the 512GB SSD version available anywhere at Woot. Don’t see it but with so much stuff, too easy to miss.


I believe we sold out of the 512GB SSD version the first day it sold as a daily.


Thanks. If there are some of those left, I’d be interested.


Decided to go ahead and get this. Ordered on Wednesday (9-2) and it came in today (Friday, 9-4). That was quick!


How is the laptop working? I’m still thinking to buy one, but have never try a refurbished or “factory reconditioned” one. I will appreciate your feedback about the laptop that you have purchased.


IT Admin here.
We have purchased several Refurb Laptops from Woot and other vendors.
Woot by far has the best quality and warranty. Hard to find a refurb Dell laptop with a 1yr Warranty, some have a 3yr Warranty. Highly recommend people purchase from Woot when they sell Dell products. I’ve yet to call Dell for a warranty claim or Woot for an issue.


Looks new to me. I haven’t really done anything with it, yet. Decided to do the WIndows 10 upgrade before I bother with anything else. You have to let it update Windows 8.1 before it will give you the option to request Windows 10. The 8.1 updates are a bit of a pain as it does take a while. Also, once that is all done, you can’t automatically upgrade to WIndows 10. You get a notice telling you that you are in the cue and it could be days or weeks before you can upgrade.

The machine is not loaded with alot of crap. COntrol Panle only shows 13 programs that could be uninstalled. McAfee is one of those and you get an alert tellinging you that the protection has expired. I am reasearching what I want to use.

THe machine feels SOLID. Not like a flemsy POC.

SO far, I feel real good about this purchase.


I just got mine! It doesn’t work :frowning: No boot device. BIOS cannot see the SSD. Re-seating the SATA cable doesn’t help.

I got the SSD to work, but now I noticed there is a lot of back-light bleeding on the screen. Ugh. I work with dells professionally, and this is unusual for them.


I’m very sorry. You have a warranty with Dell (or the company noted in paperwork that came with your computer). You might contact them to see if they can troubleshoot.