Dell Latitude 14" E6430 Intel i5 Laptop

Dell Latitude 14" E6430 Intel i5 Laptop

Features page states a 1 year warranty, but the link takes you to a 90 day warranty. Do we know which is correct?

It’s one year. Looks like they missed a spot on updating their warranty page. But if you scroll down…

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Thinking I’ll trust you and buy…but that’s the only place in the warranty that mentions a year. Other references in the warranty:

From the faq page:
"### How do I know if my warranty is still in effect?

Warranties are active for 90 days from the invoiced date on your order."

From the warranty page:
“We guarantee that the products you purchase from STS Systems will be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the 90 day limited warranty period”

“* All warranty repairs are covered only within 90 days from the invoice date”

No biggie, just FYI

I’ll ask the computer team to go back to the vendor for updates.

If they don’t honor the warranty, we will.

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