Dell Latitude 14" Core i3 Laptop w/SSD

Here is the review, you guys might find it useful!

[MOD: That’s for an E5420; we’re selling a E5430]

128GB SSD, but no Hard Drive???

??? Is this a joke?


Yes, if you have a SSD you do not need a hard drive. Eventually, SSD’s will replace all Hard Drives.

Yes… What he said.

Check out this in-depth review over at

I don’t see why I can’t get three of these.
These are awesome laps.

Intel Core i3-2350M (2.3GHz) is Sandy Bridge. This pc is available with newer Ivy bridge (3350m) and I5 3360m.

Still, for 400 bucks this is a great deal.

(notebookcheck link in previous posts)

In case you are not joking [MOD: snipped out the insult], the 128GB IS the hard drive. Need more space? Attach a USB hard drive.

Specs aside…it looks aesthetically like a laptop from 2002.


For the inevitable “Can it play games” questions, it’s the HD 3000 Intel Integrated Graphics (specifically, the crippled I3 version of said) so while it’s light years beyond the integrated Intel Graphics of old, anything more complex than WoW, League of Legends, or Half Life 2 (the last two at least with most options set to “off” or “low”) will struggle badly.

Was this writeup…Veronica Mars inspired or just a happy coincidence? Either way I’m a sucker for crowd-sourcing.

I own an Acer Aspire One netbook with 2GB of RAM. Considering that’s at least two to three years old, I’ll wager this is a worthy travel replacement? :wink:

I was going to mention the same thing… All that’s missing in the picture is a Windows 98 logo.

SSD drives make laptops, even slower older ones, run so much faster. Many users do not store a lot of data on their laptops so a SSD replacement is a good choice. For the price, this is a pretty good deal. The processor is plenty fast for everyday tasks, a 14" screen makes the lower resolution not so bad, and a matte finish screen is a big bonus. Windows 7 Pro is also a plus for business users that need to connect to a server at work.

There is a lot to like about this laptop, for many users this would be the fastest laptop they have ever owned (mainly due to the SSD drive). If I were in the market I’d jump on it.

We use the Dell Latitude series at work. I have an E6420 and tested the E5420 (previous gen that didn’t have USB 3.0).

These are very well made vs. the comparable units at similar price. the Latitude series offers Business type options such as eSata/USB 3.0 combo port, Express card port, and docking station port that you won’t find on most laptops put this in a different class. It also has Win7 Pro vs home edition. If you want to avoid Win8 :).

These are nothing like the Dell Insignia series laptops sold to home market which are cheap and more like standard sub $500 laptops.

These are constructed very well, strong hinges and solid feel overall. The best Dell business series equivalent, the E6430, had a slighly better construction with an extrudedaluminum base, but they weigh more and cost 10-15% more.

An SSD Is no small add on when you see what performance you gain, it is unbelievable vs. a 5400RPM rotational drive. Even with an i3 this will be a very fast unit. About 30% of the HD space will be used with OS but if you have huge files use a large USB 3.0 storage device and you are set to rock.

Although these have a fairly low failure rate vs. Std OTC laptops, add on warranty could be smart. However, Dell designs these with less variation in components vs. other manufacturers designs so this also helps in the quality of the unit.

At 4.5 lbs it is not light, but still under 5 lbs where most cheaper laptops seems to hover.

If I needed a unit right now, I would bite…or maybe I will anyway!

Groupon deal for this same laptop (manu refurb) was offered for $439. Deal ended on Feb 6, 2013 with over 1000 bought according to Groupon website.

Wondering why there are so many refurbished units sold and still available for sale ???

Even though you have gotten many responses questioning the above, I hear what you’re saying. 128gb drive on a laptop IS A JOKE. Reasons for having a laptop for MOST people is so we don’t have to pull a wagon load of external hardware behind us. JMO

Oh, nice laptop the storage is a deal breaker and even at 150.00 for a 750gb hybrid drive, it’s still not on the radar.