Dell Latitude 14" E5440 Laptop + Dock

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Dell Latitude 14" E5440 Laptop + Dock
Price: $599.99 - 699.99
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The right side image in the listing (last pic of the laptop) seems to be of a e7440 (which I have and like btw), not a e5440. Check out the gallery on the product page (posted by someone already) to confirm for yourself, but I’m pretty sure based on the thickness (compare it to the left), google images, the product page, the lack of optical drive, and the fact that the right image looks identical to my 7440. It’s easy to confuse the models if just looking around for images since they look almost identical from a top-down keyboard view, but the ports/thickness from the side views is different.

Here’s what I believe to be the correct image (but don’t take my word for it, I don’t actually have a 5440):

Edit again: tineye on the posted image confirms that it’s a 7440. Not sure why I’m spending so much time on this though… link expires in 72 hours sorry

[MOD: image removed. thanks!]

According to specs these have an msata slot so you can add an SSD as a boot drive. Drop in another 4GB of RAM (for 8 total) and this should be quite fast.

There’s no guarantee though, since dell’s been known to leave out the msata slot for configurations that aren’t ordered with one.

Here’s an in depth review for a similar spec:

Pretty good battery life too.

This is an excellent series of laptop.

I have the larger E5540 and absolutely love it.

The rest of our users, we have ordered the slighly smaller E7440 (which some of the photos look like as per a comment above, I have to agree on that).

This is an excellent price, especially with a dock, though that is the short dock, (look up comparison images) the larger dock has more ports on the back, namely two DVI ports, the short has a single DVI and single VGA. May not make a difference to you, just depends on your needs.

I would be curious about this… the E7440’s that we have come with mSata drives… which sit in a little board… in a plastic frame… in the SATA slot… plugged into the only sata port. SO… that said, it may not have the slot you’re looking for if it didn’t come with the SSD, as some of these models may not have them onboard, and just use the adapter card in the SATA slot.

otherwise, just order an SSD dirt cheap and stick it in.

I do have to say, I pulled one of the solid state hybrid drives out of a few laptops and tried them out on other comptuers as a boot drive… they are quite fast compared to just a regular drive…so this may be quick enough for use. Personally I’ll take an SSD all day long.

The SSHDD is fine for most everyone’s use. And decent size not being a 128 or 256.

The RAM in these is likely 2 x 2GB rather than 1 x 4GB, correct?

Slightly better units at the Dell outlet for same/less $ ?

From this picture, the mSata slot is the “Ref. to manual” slot next to the WLAN card. It should be combo slot that’s muxed to support either mSata or WWAN. From the manual it should support both in this configuration.

The E7440 is similar. It should have a combo mSata/WWAN slot. If there’s a WWAN card already, then there’s no room mSATA. You should though be able to replace the WWAN card with an SSD if you don’t need it. What I don’t know is whether Dell left off the connector altogether to save a few pennys.

SSHD’s are nice, but nothing quite beats tiered storage, except maybe a gigantic SSD.