Dell Latitude 14" E5470 Intel i5 256GB SSD Laptop

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Dell Latitude 14" E5470 Intel i5 256GB SSD Laptop
Price: $579.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Friday, Apr 07 to Wednesday, Apr 12) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Can’t tell from the pictures here, but on Dell it looks like it has the stupid pointstick/extra buttons. That’s a pity since this almost looked like the perfect laptop for me. I’ve been wanting 14 inch, backlit keyboard with actual buttons under the track pad (not just a smooth click pad where you push in a specific spot to click). Without the expense of a gaming laptop. So close… sigh

Then feast your eyes on the answer to your prayers. I just hope you can get to that “Add To Cart” button before they’re all gone.

edit Oh, and if you don’t believe me, believe Woot!

Is that link for the same laptop? I don’t see a difference between the two except for the price that is more on your link.

I bought a few hundred of these at work last year. They are awesome. I really like the Dell business class latops. Built very well and very unassuming design. These laptops perform beautifully with an SSD/i5. For this price, you cant do much better. Your other options are cheaply built laptops which don’t stand up to daily use. I will never buy another consumer grade laptop.

The notebook check link is only for the CPU - here’s a review of the whole unit:

Also, the manual from Dell says it can support up to 32GB:

Can we get a good link on the Dell warranty? The link given is 404

These reviews show discrete touchpad buttons with no nub:

I am not seeing any pictures that contradict those reviews.

The specs also list “Single Pointing Keyboard”, which means no nub.

The warranty link is 404, can someone from woot update the link?

Being refurb’d it’d be nice to see the details in the warranty.

Our Computer’s team updated it. Hope that helps!

That link just takes you to the dell support site asking for a service tag. Not very helpful with getting the warranty details.