Dell Latitude 14" E7440 Ultrabook + Dock

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Dell Latitude 14" E7440 Ultrabook + Dock
Price: $719.99 - 819.99
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Condition: New


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Time to learn all about the processor

Dell E7440 Product Support

Dell E7440 Owner’s Manual

I’m typing on one (with higher specs) right now, mostly a fan. Would be glad to answer questions about it. Note that the fingerprint reader in the first pic is most likely not included since it isn’t in all configurations and isn’t mentioned in the specs.

I have one–or rather, I have tested one for my organization. Of note:

-Dock is nice and futureproof. If you want to buy into the Dell business ecosystem (although this is probably for personal use, but anyway) you can use this for any E-series Latitudes you want.
-2 memory slots. Found it unusual in an Ultrabook–in a good way.
-Somewhat quiet.
-Processing power is on par with old Sandy Bridge processors, but uses less power and have more robust onboard graphics.
-Thankfully, this has an SSD; I tested one with a hard drive, and that was a dog.
-Screen leaves something to be desired. But then, it’s a business laptop…
-Ditto for battery. At least it’s replaceable.
-Keyboard is great. It’s got a pointing stick, and it works almost as good as Lenovo counterpart. Touchpad is good.

It’s not a bad laptop. But with Broadwell laptops with possibly fanless designs on the horizon, would you jump for this? You decide.

Please fix self-contradictory ad. Some places, it says 4GB RAM, 500GB SSD, Windows 7.1. OTHER places, it says 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and Windows 8.1. What are the REAL specs, w00t???

I’m not seeing conflicting information. Could you please point out where you are seeing it?

He is talking about the title of the Specs page I think. That says:


Well, I was interested when I saw the “Win7 Pro” but then I read Win8 and decided no-go. Win 8 is the absolute WORST OS ever. Yes, I have used them all. W8 is worse than W-Me or Vista ever thought about being.

You sound like me 6 months ago.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with Classic Shell. It’s free, and it gives you back your Start menu. In my experience, once you’re using it, Windows 8 is excellent.

This is meh but not because of windows. It is meh because of the tortuous screen resolution. Seriously, w00t stop peddling 1366x768 crap. Eithurtz!!

  • does anyone know if this version/model has a backlit keyboard?

Do you know if the keyboard of this model is backlit?

Ugh, I missed one I actually would have bought. My son has this model, wanted another for my daughter.

What are the chances of it coming back in stock?

No, it’s not backlit.