Dell Latitude 15.6" E6530 Laptop + Dock

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Dell Latitude 15.6" E6530 Laptop + Dock
Price: $549.99 - 649.99
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Condition: New


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I’m sorry but this laptop isn’t worth $550 and the dock isn’t worth $100.

Drop the price of the laptop by $100 and the dock by $50 and that’s… low enough that I wouldn’t comment about how bad of a deal this is.

[MOD: Were you aware that these are business class computers?]

Actually, these are not bad deals. The docks run ~$200 (Direct from Dell) and those laptops generally run close to $700, at least. And they are NEW, not refurb! The Dell Latitude line is their business line of laptops. These things are built rock solid. I’m a Systems Administrator and I’ve been buying Dell for 15+ years and have had Latitude laptops for the last 10 or so years (both personally and at work). I had one in a backpack get dropped off a table on to concrete. I thought it was a goner. But, it had very little damage, and was all cosmetic. If I hadn’t bought new laptops last year for work and myself, I’d be all over this deal!

Yes, you can buy crap cheaper, but it’s just that, crap. I get 5 years out of our Dell systems easy. There is an old adage, you get what you pay for, and that’s true with Dell. If you think this is too much $$$, then go buy a Dell Inspiron (there home laptop line).

I pity the fool that pays $550 (not to mention the “close to $700” as you said these generally run) for a 3 year old dual-core ivy bridge processor and chassis design to boot (saying it’s thick, but as you said it’s probably very durable), mediocre amounts of ram and screen resolution, and absolutely pitiful hard drive.

I’d concede that a $100 dock is passable… but not when it can only dock with this disco tech.

The specific chip in this system was launched barely 2 years ago ( and is a great mobile chip.

Again, I’ll go back to you get what you pay for. My last Latitude, a 7 year old system (the one that got dropped), was still running strong when I finally upgraded. And the only reason I upgraded was it was a XP system that couldn’t go pass ~3.5 GB of ram due to it being a 32-bit system.

I’ve seen people buy crap from other manufacturers for $300 or so. And the same things always happen with those, they break, they die. I know, because I’ve worked on enough of them for family / friends who don’t take my recommendations.

And actually, the docks will work with any Dell Latitude E series product line, not just this one laptop. And unlike a lot a laptop makers, Dell sticks with a series of laptop for awhile. The “D” series was around ~10 to ~12 years. Before we upgraded, I had D-Port docks that were bought with a D600 and still worked great with a D630/D640 laptop that was bought 6 to 8 years later.

I really hope no one pays attention to you because you really have zero idea what you’re talking about.

These are business class systems first off. You talk about the thickness as though it’s a bad thing, In this case it isn’t. Serviceability counts.

Second, as far as processors, check the benchmarks. Ivy Bridge to Haswell was incremental at best.

Are these laptops a screaming deal at this price? No. Are they a bad deal? Also no. They are reliable, business class systems, not plastic “Best Buy” junk.

Yeah. I think people who have been brainwashed about consumer grade computers don’t understand what office computers are all about. You don’t need a huge amount of RAM or internal storage because the office network has unlimited storage and the server is doing most of the work anyway. You don’t need an awesome screen or keyboard because 90% of the time the unit is docked, and you’re on the dock screen and keyboard. You need something that the employees can’t break or hack, and won’t require any service calls.
This computer would be useless to me. It doesn’t have nearly enough RAM or storage and the APU would not be able to handle my tasks. But I’m not sitting in a cubicle answering emails, writing reports, and preparing presentations. These are generic cubicle computers, for generic cubicle employees.

No bluetooth? Dealbreaker for me.

Bluetooth is for cars and crappy low bitrate infotainment. Not a needed feature on this computer. Actually I am very surprised it has an optical drive.

I’d rather get these from Dell outlet. Similar price but 3yr warranty

[MOD: Ours has a 3 year warranty.]

Link please… thanks

Looked at the Dell outlet. They don’t hsve this model but I looked at a couple other business-grade laptops. You have to pay $287 for the 3yr warranty.

Not necessarily. It’s also commonly used for bluetooth speakers and mice. It’s nice to have.

Dell Latitude E6530 Product Support

Dell Latitude E6530 Owner’s Manual

I used one of these for work and it is a great laptop. Yes, it is business class…but what does that mean? That means it is optimized for productivity and sturdy enough to be bumped around a little without major damage. It is also a classy-looking laptop with the brushed metal bezels. The dock is also very expensive by itself directly from Dell, so that is a good value as well.

To answer some of the concerns I read above, the dock is the same dock that is used by ALL of the current Latitude series, so it retains some usefulness if you intend to upgrade later. It is super convenient to be able to plop down your laptop on your desk and be ready to use right away, with keyboard, mouse, dual-monitors and more with no fiddling.

As to the specs…the i5 is more than adequate for the intended purpose (productivity). The memory is a bit lacking (I would upgrade it to 16 GB) and the hard drive is nothing to brag about (a large hybrid or SSD drive would be better), but again those can be easily upgraded. The only thing missing here is gaming cred (there is a model with dual video cards that will set you back about $2k…sans dock) - again, not the intended purpose of the Latitude line.

Had this deal been offered a week ago, I would have pounced on it. Unfortunately, I already purchased a different Dell laptop and dock from Costco for about twice as much as this deal. Timing is everything!

It’s also good for those ‘generic cubicle employees’ who have bluetooth headphones and want to put some music on the laptop and block out the noise from other ‘generic cubicle employees.’ When did people on these forums become so superior?