Dell Latitude 3150 11.6" Dual-Core Laptop

Woot is practicing the dirtiest trick in the retailing book…“Bait and Switch”. My first Woot purchase was a laptop which was advertised as having Windows 10Pro installed. However, in name of dishonesty and greed, they shipped the exact same laptop with the exact same components…with Windows 8 installed and no upgrade.
After multiple useless attempts to email customer service, they seem to think that by telling me that there is no laptop like the one they advertised in stock with Windows 10Pro. I was told to contact Dell, the manufacture in a pathetic attempt to deflect the blame for their false advertising and the “Bait and Switch” policy that they feel is acceptable.
Be for warned that unless Woot addressed this problem, everyone is susceptible to these illegal sales tactics.

I’m very sorry for the problem. It was human error that you got the wrong computer. However, once it has left the country, it is up to you to return it to the US for us to help you.