Dell Latitude 3190 11.6" Laptop

Dell Latitude 3190 11.6" Laptop

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Not entirely sure why the listing says it will not support windows 11. This hardware configuration supports W11 and Dell has a W11 driver pack listed for this model.

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And last but not least.

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Still not sure how something that is “not fast” can be “good”. Wouldn’t fastness be a requirement for being good?

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In terms of a race car.
Is it FAST? Yes.
Is it GOOD? No. (no A/C, no Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, no Spare Tire, No Power Windows, actually, no windows for that matter, and some don’t even have headlights!)

In terms of a computer…
You can get an i7 CPU (which is normally fast), but with 4GB of RAM (which is not good), and this will also be on the CHEAP (yellow) side.

or you can get an i3 CPU (which is not fast, but gets the job done), but with 16GB of RAM (which is good), and can also be on the CHEAP (cyan) side.


This unit has neither i3 nor i7…

But basically fast=good processor and “good” refers to all other PC components…I think.

My ramblings were just an example. The laptops on offer here are not in any shape or form that is “good” nor “fast”. They are completely in the “cheap” (green) category.


Ok. Thanks

Solely out of curiosity, is the SSD replaceable (with a higher capacity SSD)?

According to Dell’s Latitude 3190 Owner’s Manual, yes.

The manual also states, that the maximum M.2 SSD is just 256GB.

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How is it for Linux or can even better deals be had?

I see it on Dells list with an asterisk, scrolling down I don’t find a footnote.

I look at “good” referring to something like build quality or warranty or reputation.