Dell Latitude 3460 14" 500GB SATA Laptop

I received one of these from Woot just a day ago. It is indistinguishable from new.

It arrived in a Dell box with "certified refurbished on a tag.

The date of install on the programs is 8/9/16.

It seems to be peppy enough, although I will be swapping the 500gb SATA with a 128gb SSD later today.

All in all, I am happy with my purchase.

[EDIT: This laptop does not appear to have any USB 3 ports, as stated in the product description and the owner’s manual. None of the USB ports have the characteristic Blue look, and they all seem to be equally sluggish in terms of performance (as compared to my other computers’ USB 3 ports.) If you know that I am wrong about this, please advise. Still, I would purchase again.]