Dell Latitude 5289 12.5" FHD/Touch i7-7600U 16GB 512GBSSD

Does this have the Microsoft web ink feature?

You can get a new one at Walmart for $25.00 more with a better warranty.

Link? The ones I’m seeing are lower spec configurations for $1200+.

So the title description reads i5 but the specs say i7. Does anyone know which one is correct?

Also any personal opinions on this laptop. I can’t find any reviews online

I’m not seeing i5 referenced. Can you be more specific?

Sure thing

It’s here in the URL specifically but more importantly in the black title of the product description.

“Dell Latitude 5289 12.5"FHD/Touch i5-7600U 16GB 256GB/SSD Dell Latitude 5289 12.5” FHD Touchscreen Business Convertible Intel:i7-7600U/CI7-2.80GLV 16GB/2-DIMM 256GB/SSD Win10 Pro-64"

It first says “i5-7600” but later says “i7-7600”

Got it. It’s been updated now. It’s an i7.

did anyone receive the active pen as well with the laptop?

Hi there. The pen was not included. The laptop works with one but it was not listed as included. Sorry for the confusion.