Dell Latitude D630 14” Notebook

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Dell Latitude D630 14" Notebook
$249.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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That selling so fast was the most disturbingly amazing thing I have ever seen.

Wow, that was magical.

Great deal! Everyone should buy 3!

D630 again? I’ve seen enough of these at work to know I will never want one.

its my birthday and i want a bagofcrap

GREAT IDEA! You first!

I’m holding out for a computer with more gigabongs.

What a crap notebook. Only 2gb of DDR2 RAM, and Windows Vista? It’s got the power of a Netbook and Vista for the same price as a Netbook with Win7.

32bit Vista, only 2GB of RAM and 2ghz dual core CPU. Hello 4 years ago.

serial??? a netbook time forgot

Schools going to be out this week and the kids will love it.

Was this up earlier or is it déjà vu?

1000 gigabit Ethernet! Wow, count me in :wink:

VISTA ??#@!%#@

80-gig HDD… Wowzer!

This thing AGAIN?

The most expensive leakfrog you will ever see, and it’s a piece of garbage to boot.

I’ve seen these around, I’ve had one, you don’t want one.

Well at least Criss Angel disapeared

vista… smh

bed time…

vista = yummy