Dell Latitude D630 14” Notebook



lotsa these around


Window XP is still alive and kicking.


So its a Macintosh from 1987…

Slow Ass computer.


Garage Band on a WinXP PC ?


Dell D620 Laptop Duo Core with Windows XP is only $180.00 here.


The guy on the laptop’s screen looks like the dell guy’s evil counterpart…


Perfect for my 4month old daughter.


Didn’t Apple buy M$FT in 1998?


Got this for my mom last woot off. Still had 3 months of dell business warranty which was fab. The keyboard had a defect and Dell transferred the warranty into my name and sent me a new keyboard overnight. No complaints from my mom but she only uses it for basic stuff.


Does this have the glossy-mirror or matte screen?


I am tempted to copy and paste the description into a message on OKcupid or something. lol


uh… the other way around. Microsoft had a stake on apple computes.