Dell Latitude E6420 14" Intel i7 Laptop

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Dell Latitude E6420 14" Intel i7 Laptop
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Condition: Refurbished


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Time to learn all about the processor

CPU Benchmarks

These are solid, workhorse machines. I’ve been using a similar model at work for three years … as a software developer–which requires a solid, no-nonsense laptop. I highly recommend this.

Comments on the RELATED model, just last week, this related version had the i5 processor (somewhat slower than the i7 in this one) in the same machine with the same model number. This Dell E6420 was sold in several versions with different processors, memory, and hard drives, but look exactly the same on the outside, so the comments on design and durability apply the same. The one being sold today is somewhat faster:

anyone know who refurbishes these things? I’m tempted.

We leased a bunch of these from Dell. When our lease period is up, they go back to Dell. My guess is either Dell themselves or a contractor they hire refurb the machines.

[MOD: These are not Dell refurbished (i.e. Factory Reconditioned).]

Been using one at work for about three years as well, except mine’s the i5 and has an SSD. great machine, and very durable. mine travels contantly and moves back and forth between two docking stations (home/work) when I’m not traveling.


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The E6420 was an improvement over the 6320 which used a mini HDMI port which often broke. That was my major complaint on the earlier mode. I have a E7440 which is slower in it’s processor and I do miss the ability to burn CD’s or DVD’s. Swap out the hard drive with a SSD drive and you’ll be loving this for everything, plus the battery life will be better. Great all around laptop and fairly light.

As others have said, these are pretty solid for a business grade laptop. Don’t expect it to be lightweight or slim but it is very sturdy. I have one for work and the very similar E6430 at home. I don’t really need the cd-rom drive so I bought a 2nd hard drive caddy and SSD and was able to install windows form the dell disc to that. (not sure if they come with the disc in this deal or not). I’m a PC/network tech and we have had better reliability with these then some similar HPs.

I have this with a 9 cell battery, replaced disk with SSD, and it is solid. I am an sysadmin and it holds up to travel and is built tough. Solid buy.

Exact same thing here. I bought the wife one. She complained about the battery and speed, so I spent the extra hundo for a 250ssd. Battery lasts all day and is quiet as a church mouse. Not to mention it takes 30 seconds to boot.
Honestly I don’t understand how we’re not all using SSD’s these days…

Thanks for the comments and feedback, all… I’m in for one! :slight_smile:

Seems like lots have done the upgrades for this. Could anyone link the SSDs and add’t 4gb RAMs to buy for this? Would greatly appreciate!!

We have a handful of the i3 and i5 variants of this at the office and they’ve been great. Most of them are 3-4 years old and we haven’t had a single problem.

Latitude E6420 Product Support

Latitude E6420 Service Manual

I have this same machine from work with an i5, regular spinning HDD, 9 cell batter and 16 GB of RAM. Great machine, I would buy one if I didn’t just buy a watch! It powers through the new CIV and had great battery life. The case design is great and the backlit keyboard is worth it’s weight in gold!! Great buy, great WOOT - it’s nice to see a good deal on a computer on Woot again!

A word of warning: I was issued an i5 E6420 for several years by my employer, and though it’s a relatively solid work laptop, it is not without its problems.

Dell support had to make multiple service calls just for my machine because the ribbon cable connecting the display kept coming loose. It would be easy to blame that on me, except that the laptop basically never went anywhere but my office and my home, was never left in a hot car, etc.