Dell Latitude E6440 14" Intel i5 Laptops

Dell Latitude E6440 14" Intel i5 Laptops

Be very Careful on the refurbs, I bought one 4 months back. Only to find out that the WIN 10 wasnt valid when I tried to validate it. Yes, I was outside the 90 days. So no warranty.
I will be hard pressed to think that a woot deal is a good deal anymore.


Is the Microsoft COA still present on the laptop? The decal may be in the battery compartment.

For now, Windows 7 keys can still activate Windows 10. Windows 8 and 8.1 keys are embedded in the BIOS and automatically register once connected Microsoft’s servers.

Mine was from a few weeks ago. No problems with Windows 10. Had a COA sticker “Windows 10 Pro for refurb PCs” but I did not need to enter product key.

It came fully re-set condition (i.e. starts asking language, network connection, etc.)

I do have a Microsoft login, used that to set it up. When I check Activation, it says “Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account.”

It was a Dell but refurbed by another firm; however, the box they use says “Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher” and I guess they are – all was very good in my case.

It is true that these deals are sometimes YMMV and unfortunately gotta check quick for returns within valid period. An iPhone I bought recently was unfortunately a Japanese version not common in North America and not fully activated by U.S. Carriers. (probably would have been a great deal for someone in Japan, though!) Woot return was easy to process.

Yep - received mine today, but Windows isn’t activated. Just waiting to hear back from customer service.

SORRY ABOUT THAT! Contact Shivenet and they can help you. Should be faster than Woot CS playing middle man.

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Well, what do you know! The product key was under a scratch off on a sticker on the bottom. All activated!

Many thanks :slight_smile: .