Dell Latitude E6540 15" Intel i7 Laptop

Shipped quick, got mine yesterday. I will say it included some things not listed including: Web Cam and Smart Card/PIV card reader which was very pleasing to me. On the down side, when I went to Dell to verify my 3 year warranty it did confirm the warranty went till 2018, but it was listed as ending in July! I ordered it on 8/17 and received it on 8/20, so I would think the warranty should last at least to 8/17/2018 if listed as a 3 year warranty (if not from the date of delivery). Other than that I’ve been extremely happy with the unit so far. Looks/feels brand new. Best price I’ve found for such a powerful 15"+ system.

Also - just noticed it didn’t include Bluetooth (even though it said it did).

Also - just found out it has a Back-lit keyboard! This system is awesome! I just hope they will ship me a bluetooth card (since it was listed on the description) and extend the warranty to 3 years from my purchase date.